Fourth win seals title for Tamara

TAMARA Jordan wrapped up the Friday Five Series title with a fourth successive victory, this time at her host club Stowmarket Striders' Friday Five.Jordan powered around the five-mile course in Haughley Park to follow up her wins at Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich and Kirton with first place in 30mins 15secs.

By Carl Marston

TAMARA Jordan wrapped up the Friday Five Series title with a fourth successive victory, this time at her host club Stowmarket Striders' Friday Five.

Jordan powered around the five-mile course in Haughley Park to follow up her wins at Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich and Kirton with first place in 30mins 15secs.

Once again, the 29-year-old Strider proved just a little too quick for Ipswich Jaffa's top athlete, Helen Decker. Jaffa's club marathon record holder was second for the fourth straight race.

There has only been a few seconds to separate the two women for most of this summer's series. Last Friday, 27-year-old Decker was just 12 seconds behind the victorious Jordan.

Valerie Gladwell ensured a repeat of the 1-2-3 from the previous two events with another impressive third spot in 31.24. The Hadleigh Hare has enjoyed a string of good races.

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Talented teenager Danielle Hurley, from Southend AC, took fourth spot, with Jayne Williams strengthening Jaffa's grip on the team award with 32.30 in fifth. Decker and Williams were joined by top over-45 veteran Val Jennings in the successful Ipswich trio.

Zara McLoone, a 16-year-old from West Suffolk AC, finished in sixth slot, just ahead of leading veteran Mary Narey (over-35), of hosts Stowmarket Striders.

Other female veteran awards went to Pacers' Wendy Jones (over-40), Colchester & Tendring AC's Diane Wooller (over-50), Brandon Fern Hoppers' Sally Dormer (over-55) and Jaffa's Maureen Wright (over-60).

Just as at all the previous Friday Five events, the Stowmarket race boasted a big field. A total of 347 entered the main race (just 200 yards short of five miles), while a bumper 142 took part in the supporting junior race.

Woodbridge Shufflers chalked up a one-two in the men's race, with both David Miller and Aaron Scott finishing inside 27 minutes.

Miller had missed the Kirton race, so that he could watch his wife Sarah compete in the European Duathlon Championships in Edinburgh.

The 36-year-old returned with a bang, adding to his wins at Bury and Ipswich with a time of 26.41, which was 15 seconds ahead of club-mate Scott. David Reed, fresh from his second spot at Kirton, posted another top-three finish with third position in 27.12. The 45-year-old was also the first veteran.

Roger Aldis led the Stowmarket surge in fourth, just four seconds ahead of the consistent Keith Tilley and Jaffa 20-year Robert Chenery, who were awarded the same time.

Chenery was part of the winning Jaffa team, which also included David Laing (first over-40) and Gavin Davies.

Over-45 veteran Chris Cooke, who had such an outstanding run at the Hamburg Marathon, finished just ahead of Laing. Cooke was one of 45 members of the Bury-based Pacers to toe the line.

Elsewhere, the Striders' own Malcolm Penn lifted a trophy for finishing as first over-50, and there were also wins for Jaffa's Ray Hill (over-55), Framlingham Flyers' Ken Rooke (over-60) and 66-year-old Harwich Runners' Glyn Peck (over-65).

The fifth and final race in the Series is at Great Bentley on Friday, July 13.

Results round-up

Top 40 men: 1 D Miller (Woodbridge Shufflers) 26.41; 2 A Scott (Woodbridge) 26.56; 3 D Reed (Saint Edmund Pacers) 27.12; 4 R Aldis (Stowmarket Striders) 27.18; 5 K Tilley (Unattached) 27.22; 6 R Chenery (Ipswich Jaffa) 27.22; 7 K Sharman (Lowestoft Road Runners) 27.23; 8 I Keeble (Stowmarket) 27.33; 9 C Cooke (Pacers) 27.55 10 D Laing (Jaffa) 27.59.

11 G Davies (Jaffa) 28.15; 12 J Entwistle (Felixstowe Road Runners) 28.21; 13 S MacSepheney (Jaffa) 28.24; 14 D Moss (Unattached) 28.34;

15 J Beeton (Newmarket Joggers) 28.34; 16 R Jordan (Stowmarket) 28.36; 17 L Heath (Pacers) 29.09; 18 J Long (Pacers) 29.14; 19 S Harrison (Jaffa) 29.35; 20 D Thorrington (Ipswich Triathlon Club) 29.37.

21 L Rudland (Jaffa) 30.00; 22 A Dick (Jaffa) 30.12; 23 M Penn (Stowmarket) 30.13; 24 G Bryden (PAcers) 30.21; 25 T Hanman (Un) 30.23; 26 P Preston (Sudbury Joggers) 30.27; 27 S Phillips (Pacers) 30.30; 28 R Manton (Un) 30.32; 29 T Jarrett (Jaffa) 30.38; 30 T Fox (Pacers) 30.39.

31 M Barnes-Smith (Pacers) 30.45; 32 A Buck (Sudbury Joggers) 30.46; 33 M Nelhams (Pacers) 30.56; 34 M Lloyd (53:12 Multisports) 31.01; 35 N Dable (Jaffa) 31.18; 36 R Hill (Jaffa) 31.22; 37 J Weston (Jaffa) 31.23; 38 S Green (Stowmarket) 31.35; 39 D Emmens (Jaffa) 31.42; 40 D Jay (Halstead RR) 31.48.

Top 30 ladies: 1 T Jordan (Stowmarket) 30.15; 2 H Decker (Jaffa) 30.27; 3 V Gladwell (Hadleigh Hares) 31.24; 4 D Hurley (Southend AC) 31.51; 5 J Williams (Jaffa) 32.30; 6 Z McLoone (West Suffolk AC) 32.38; 7 M Narey (Stowmarket) 32.42; 8 V Jennings (Jaffa) 32.45; 9 W Jones (Pacers) 33.28; 10 J Clarry (Pacers) 33.34.

11 G Godward (Newmarket) 33.48; 12 H Suttle (Stowmarket) 34.00; 13 J Brown (Jaffa) 34.05; 14 S Wing (Thetford) 34.08; 15 J Jepson (Pacers) 34.13; 16 A Stach-Kevitz (Newham & Essex Beagles) 34.20; 17 R Jordan

(Stowmarket) 34.28; 18 N Hale (Jaffa) 34.41; 19 E Calver (Pacers) 35.26; 20 A Henry (Sudbury) 35.52.

21 C Anthony (Pacers) 36.39; 22 C Burrows (Un) 36.43; 23 B Sanders (Hadleigh) 36.57; 24 D Wooller (Colchester & Tendring) 36.59; 25 J Smith (Grange Farm) 37.32; 26 C Anderson (Newmarket) 37.43; 27 C Geraghty (Stowmarket) 38.05; 28 A Bennett (Felixstowe RR) 38.09; 29 S Whyand (Pacers) 38.14; 30 M Batty (Un) 38.19.

Male veterans, over-40: 1 Laing, 2 Beeton, 3 Dick. Over-45: 1 Reed, 2 Cooke (prize-winner), 3 Jordan, 4 Heath. Over-50: Penn, 2 Weston, 3 D Vaughan (Pacers) 31.53. Over-55: 1 Hill, 2 C Cook (Pacers) 36.46; 3 R Brand (Pacers) 36.47. Over-60: 1 K Rooke (Framlingham Flyers) 35.53; 2 G Everitt (Jaffa) 35.37; 3 R Keevil (Brandon Fern Hoppers) 37.09. Over-65: 1 G Peck (Harwich) 34.34; 2 R Duffield (Tiptree RR) 36.22; 3 G Merifield (The Saxons) 41.39.

Female veterans, over-35: 1 Narey, 2 Jepson, 3 Stach-Kevitz. Over-40: 1 Jones, 2 Suttle, 3 Anthony. Over-45: 1 Jennings, 2 Brown, 3 Sanders. Over-50: 1 Wooller, 2 G Dean (Jaffa) 39.10; 3 C Marsh (Un) 40.43. Over-55: 1 S Dormer (Brandon FH) 39.50; 2 D Braverman (Cambridge & Coleridge) 40.55; 3 M Kirk (Jaffa) 51.20. Over-60: 1 M Wright (Jaffa) 39.57; 2 M Brown (Stowmarket) 41.29; 3 B Law (Great Bentley RC) 42.27.

Under-18s, girls: 1 Hurley, 2 McLoone, 3 Clarry. Boys: 1 Moss, 2 Bryden.

Teams, men: 1 Ipswich Jaffa (Chenery, Laing, Davies). Ladies: 1 Jaffa (Decker, Williams, Jennings).

Junior fun run,

age group winners

Boys: Luca Taylor-Footer (eight-year-old), Sam Chiverton (nine), Cameron McKie (10), Ben Golding (11), Joe Gibbon (12), Jack Garvin (13), Daniel Sadler (14).

Girls: Poppy Harvey (eight), Molly Charker (nine), Jessie Gooderham (10), Jade Ramsey (11), Becky Shinedling (12), Justine Anthony (13), Charlotte Christensen (14).