Ipswich: Brazil’s 2012 Olympic gymnastic squad puts pen to paper to train in Ipswich

It has been two years in the making, but a town gym has struck a deal with the Brazilian 2012 gymnastics team.

Pipers Vale Gymnastics Club welcomed Gustavo Satio Harrada and Sergio Motta from the Brazilian National Olympic Committee as they put pen to paper in a deal which will see the team train at the venue.

Andy Wood, head coach for the Braziers Wood Road facility, said that the agreement “had been a long time coming”.

He added: “It is a very exciting time for us at Pipers Vale and for the whole of Ipswich.

“The idea has snowballed from two years ago, and we are extremely proud to have been chosen.

“There aren’t many centres around the country that have been selected for things like this and at the last Olympic Games the Brazilian team came sixth, so we are so pleased to have them with us.”

Mr Harrada said: “We are excited to be in Ipswich and signing the contract has been great. The venue was an easy pick for us because it was perfect for our requirements.”

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The team will come to Ipswich at Christmas for the Olympic trials.

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