Ipswich pair star in Speedo meeting

SWIMMING: Ipswich narrowly missed triumph in the second round of the National Speedo swimming league trophy.Hosted by Enfield, the nail-biting event saw the Suffolk side lose out to Hillingdon in the final stages.

By Debbie Watson

IPSWICH has narrowly missed triumph in the second round of the National Speedo swimming league trophy.

Hosted by Enfield, the nail-biting event saw the Suffolk side lose out to Hillingdon in the final stages.

Throughout the meet Ipswich performed well.

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Karen Pickering was in great form for the event. Showing her professionalism and talent at its very best, the 30-year-old took first place in the open individual medley as well as in the 100m butterfly.

Fellow star swimmer Zoe Cray took first in the backstroke and freestyle.

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In the men's, Philip Gallagher also scooped the open individual medley first place.

The majority of swimmers gained personal bests or strong times, while the win tally saw 15 first places go to the club.

After a tough session, the final result saw Ipswich claim second with 233 points, just narrowly behind Hillingdon on 250.

Team results:

1st Hillingdon 250 pts, 2nd Ipswich 233 pts, 3rd Royal Tunbridge Wells 184 pts, 4th Harrow 135 pts, 5th Edmonton 123 pts, 6th Teddington 112 pts.

Individual results: Ladies open individual medley: 1st Karen Pickering 2.22.74, Ladies open 100m butterfly: 1st Karen Pickering 1.04.31, Ladies open backstroke: 1st Zoe Cray 1.03.59, Ladies open breaststroke: 1st Susanne Davies 1.14.96, Ladies open freestyle: 1st Zoe Cray 58.22, Ladies open medley relay: 1st2.02.72 and Ladies open freestyle relay: 1st 2.45.92.

Girls 9-11 yrs freestyle relay: 4th 2.18.06, medley relay: 4th 2.37.41.

Girls 10-11yrs: 50m backstroke: 4th Amy Swallow 40.87, 50m butterfly: 3rd Kimberly Maskell 36.46, 50m breaststroke: 3rd Amy Swallow 42.91, 50m freestyle: 3rd Kimberly Maskell 31.96.

Girls 13/U: medley relay: 3rd 2.20.65, freestyle relay: 2nd 2.04.47, 100m breaststroke: 4th Rebecca Harris 1.24.59, 100m backstroke: 5th Emily Thorrington 1.21.94, 100m butterfly: 4th Abby Maynard 1.18.89, 100m freestyle: 2nd Sophie Poole 1.05.00.

Girls 15/U: freestyle relay: 1st 1.17.17, medley relay: 2nd 2.13.84, 100m backstroke: 2nd Elisa Calver 1.09.79, 100m butterfly: 2nd Abbie Thorrington 1.08.51, 100m freestyle: 2nd Abbie Thorrington1.02.61, 100m breaststroke: 2nd Lucy Schofield 1.22.74.

Men's open individual medley: 1st Philip Gallagher 2.15.38, Men's open

butterfly: 2nd John Sargent 1.00.65,

Men's open backstroke: 1st Chris Paine 1.01.54,

Men's open breaststroke: 1st James Freezer 1.08.50, Men's open freestyle: 2nd Philip Gallagher 53.97, Men's open medley relay: 1st 1.54.16,

Men's open freestyle relay: 4th 2.37.04.

Boys 9-11 yrs freestyle relay: 4th 2.20.61, medley relay: 3rd 2.45.30.

Boys 10-11 yrs: 50m backstroke: 6th Alex Pajak 42.54, 50m butterfly: 1st Andrew Bigley 36.60, 50m breaststroke: 4th Ryan Grimwood 47.31, 50m freestyle: 3rd Andrew Bigley 33.21.

Boys 13/U: medley relay: 2nd 2.16.48, freestyle relay: 1st 1.58.04, 100m breaststroke: 2nd Robert Nixon 1.18.84, 100m backstroke: 2nd William Boosey 1.14.10, 100m butterfly: 1st Michael Pugh 1.14.58, 100m freestyle: 1st William Boosey 1.02.35.

Boys 15/U: freestyle relay: 2nd 1.46.86, medley relay: 4th 2.05.24, 100m backstroke: 3rd Matt Paine 1.07.27, 100m butterfly: 2nd Matt Vinter 1.03.69, 100m freestyle: 2nd Matt Vinter 57.20, 100m breaststroke: 3rd David Gallagher 1.17.48.

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