Blog: Dull football will be Keano’s undoing

I’M going up to the East Anglian derby on Sunday – shouting for the Blues – and resisting the temptation to stay in the warm at home in Suffolk.

Many of you will be watching the Old Farm clash on BBC1 – providing the match doesn’t fall victim to the weather - I hope both you and I will not be disappointed!

There’s been a lot said about the current plight of ITFC at the moment – and most of it revolves around two men.

Manager Roy Keane is in the spotlight for some woeful Town performances this season – even though his charges are in a comfortable mid-table position.

In my view the anti-Keane feeling stems from a season and a half of utterly dull football.

I’ve seen many of the town home performances this term – and I can’t recall coming away happy, or buoyant, after any of them.

Fans are craving the flowing, attacking, cavalier, football that has been so lacking in our team’s performances.

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And Connor Wickham, our young, much-admired striker, hasn’t been let loose enough in my view.

Then there’s reclusive owner Marcus Evans, who is coming up to his 3rd anniversary as owner of the club.

Because he stays in the shadows, enjoying his “mystery man” position, there is a void at the top of the club.

Chief executive Simon Clegg does his best to fill the owner’s shoes, but is new to the area and to the traditions of the club, and finds his community role difficult.

So, for me, Keano has the problems on the pitch and Marcus, the ones off it.

And, if results continue to be poor, when will the latter pull the plug on the former – for surely Marcus can’t stand two areas of pressure?

Manager Keane might survive a defeat at Carrow Road, and he would still be ok if we lose at home to West Brom next week in the Carling Cup.

But a couple of bad results after that and Marcus’s patience will be sorely tested.

So safe for now – but many fans are itching for change – not because of defeats ... but for the manner of them.

Defeats might not do for Roy Keane just yet – but dull football, and fan power, just might.

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