Blog: Turgid, lacklustre, workmanlike football was Keane’s downfall

ROY Keane’s departure today will satisfy some diehard Ipswich Town fans who have been baying for blood for weeks.

Others will be sad that a man looked up to as a soccer legend, and one who Ipswich Town were extremely lucky to get, has gone – his mission now in the football corridors of failure.

Fans who have been at Portman Road this year have long talked about turgid, lacklustre, workmanlike, football.

And that style of play simply isn’t the Ipswich Town way. So many have been bemoaning the lack of flourish and style, the groans could almost be heard in Felixstowe.

But there are more problems at Portman Road than just manager.

Quite simply, some of the magic has gone from the place – and that needs to be retrieved as soon as possible.

Part of the problem is that charismatic owner Marcus Evans is an unseen supremo – his desire not to be identified remains important to him.

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But since the end of the David Sheepshanks era there appears to have grown a gulf between the fan base and the ITFC hierarchy.

In our view that’s because the London-based Evans team are here on match-days and chief executive Simon Clegg has been almost a solitary, if charming, figure.

So our view is that Evans and Clegg should take a radical look at their set-up and consider new ways to bring back the fans – and the joy - to Portman Road.

The Evening Star – Ipswich Town’s biggest supporter by a Blue country mile, stands ready to help in the revival of our beloved club’s fortunes.

Come on You Blues!