Blues could cash in by bottling it

IS there something in the water at Portman Road?If there is, Ipswich Town should surely bottle it and sell it to football managers and aspiring coaches around the world.

IS there something in the water at Portman Road?

If there is, Ipswich Town should surely bottle it and sell it to football managers and aspiring coaches around the world.

For a club in what is deemed by many as an unfashionable football backwater, it is seems incredible that three former managers and two players have gone on to become bosses of their national team.

Alf Ramsey won a World Cup for England, and years later Bobby Robson led the Three Lions with distinction after many successful seasons at Ipswich. Seventies star Bryan Hamilton coached his native Northern Ireland for four years, Frank Yallop briefly took charge of Canada and now George Burley has been appointed manager of Scotland.

By comparison Premier League champions Manchester United can only boast three - Mark Hughes (Wales) and Sammy McIlroy (Northern Ireland), Sir Walter Winterbottom (England).

Could the secret lie in the H2O at Portman Road?

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Dan Baker, a spokesman for Anglian Water, said the top-notch water available here could boost sportsmen's energy and mental performance.

“Anglian Water's tap water is among the best quality in the world.

“The health benefits of drinking water are well known, including improved concentration and energy levels.

“We are delighted to hear that the water at Portman Road seems to be having such a positive impact on those that enjoy it, and would of course urge all of your readers to follow suit and make sure they stay hydrated.

“After all, you can get two tonnes of tap water for the price of a high street cappuccino!”

Irene Davey, chair of the Ipswich branch of the ITFC supporters' club, said it was a great honour for the club that another former Blue had been recognised on the national stage.

“I don't know if it's something in the water but it is an amazing thing for the club to have produced another international manager.

“There is a good atmosphere here - that's why Marcus Evans chose to get involved and that's why players seem to want to come back here after they leave.”

Money is no longer an issue at Portman Road, but millionaire owner Evans could soon make a tidy return on his potential £44m investment if he started flogging the water to the great and the good of football management. We suggest he should call it “Portman Waters - The source of international football managers”.

And for a slogan, why not? “It gives you that over the moon feeling.”

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