The history of the hide and seek goal - and how Bonne's compares

Gary Crosby nods the ball out of Andy Dibble's hands for Nottingham Forest back in 1989/90

Gary Crosby nods the ball out of Andy Dibble's hands for Nottingham Forest back in 1989/90 - a classic example of the sneaky stealth goal - Credit: Youtube

Macauley Bonne helped Ipswich Town score a late leveller in stealthy circumstances on Saturday, stealing the ball from Sheffield Wednesday keeper Bailey Peacock-Farrell after hiding behind him. Mark Heath takes a look at how it compares to other similarly sneaky strikes in football history...

The original: Gary Crosby v Manchester City (1989/90)

Now, I'm sure there were other sneaky goals before this one, but for me this is the one which stands out as the first in this vintage.

City keeper Andy Dibble had plucked a cross out of the air against Nottingham Forest and was preparing to launch an attack, wandering forward with the ball balanced in his right hand.

Little did he know, but Gary Crosby was sneaking up from behind him, and he duly headed the ball out of Dibble's hands before finishing into the resultant empty net.

Dibble and City went crazy, but the goal stood - and Forest won the game 1-0.

Dion's duplicity: Dion Dublin v Newcastle United (1997/98)

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Before he was fronting Homes Under the Hammer, Dublin was a pretty bloody good striker in the Premier League, scoring 111 goals in 312 games.

And this was almost certainly his strangest and easiest strike, for Coventry City against Newcastle United.

Toon keeper Shay Given had collected a deep cross just ahead of Dublin, who ran off the pitch in pursuit. But there he stayed - and Given, it seems, totally forgot about him.

Next, the keeper rolls the ball out in front of him, giving Dublin all the time and space he required to jog round him and simply stroke the ball into the gaping goal.

Unlike Crosby's controversial effort, this one wasn't decisive though - the game ended 2-2.

Rob's regret: David Johnson v Norwich City (2003/04)

What a dreadful shame to have to feature Norwich City conceding a comedy goal on this list. Awful, too, that it was scored by a former Ipswich Town star.

But it is what it is, as we say in football. Canary keeper Rob Green, sporting the bleached blonde straightened mop of hair and ridiculously over-sized jersey combo which immediately places you in the early noughties, got a bit naughty with the ball - and paid for it.

As with all these goals, Green had collected a cross and was looking for his options up the pitch, totally negating to notice that diminutive Nottingham Forest striker Johnson was still behind him.

In a similar vein to the Dublin goal, Green rolled the ball out ahead of him - and Johnson simply nipped round him to score the first goal in a 2-0 win.

Such a shame.

Bonne's behind you: Macualey Bonne v Sheffield Wednesday (2021/22)

What more can we say? You all know the story now - Bonne sneaking up behind Owls' stopper Bailey Peacock-Farrell to steal the ball, before setting up Conor Chaplin, via Scott Fraser, to net the late equaliser.

Two things set this goal apart from the other covert efforts above. One, it was in the final minute and grabbed Town a point, thus adding drama.

And two, rather deliciously, the crowd played a part. With Bonne on the prowl behind his prey and the crowd starting to bubble in anticipation, he motioned to the fans behind the goal to simmer down and not give the game away.

They duly did, Bonne pounced - and the rest is history.

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