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BASIL Fawlty always had a dread of “psychiatrists,” but Roy Keane might seek help from a similar quarter - “a psychologist.

Carl Marston

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Fawlty Town

By Carl Marston

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BASIL Fawlty always had a dread of “psychiatrists,” but Roy Keane might seek help from a similar quarter - “a psychologist.”

Keane has not ruled out the idea of recruiting a sports psychologist, to boost his players' mental approach after a deflating run of 13 games without a win.

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“We are always looking at every aspect of the football club. That goes for the players and the rest of the staff,” explained Keane.

“I might possibly bring in a sports psychologist. That's possible.

“I'm very open-minded. I've done it at previous clubs, but it's a step that I have not taken yet here.

“However, you have got to be careful with who you bring in,” added Keane.

It's become fashionable for top-flight clubs to recruit sports psychologists, in order to get an edge over their opponents.

They are specialists in sports science, and have nothing in common with Mr Fawlty's fear for those “men in white coats.”

The likes of England, Manchester United and Everton are three of those teams who have gone down this sports science route.

A sports psychologist's remit, when it comes to football clubs, might include helping a team that is mentally weak, or helping a team on a losing steak who can't see when they are going to win their next game.

Town could certainly be pigeon-holed into the second of these “conditions.”

However, Keane has no problems with his players' confidence-levels, despite the series of knock-backs that have come with spate of injury-time goals.

“We're still playing with a lot of confidence, and playing with freedom,” added Keane.

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