Ian's hopelessly devoted to Roy

MANAGERS always tend to respect their opposite numbers, but Blackpool boss Ian Holloway took that to the extreme on Saturday.

Carl Marston

MANAGERS always tend to respect their opposite numbers, but Blackpool boss Ian Holloway took that to the extreme on Saturday.

Holloway, never short of a word, resembled more of stand-up comedian than a crestfallen manager at the post-match press conference.

The jokes flowed, but it was his glowing tribute of Town boss Roy Keane that shone brightest of all.

"I totally respect him (Keane). He was the best player of my whole era and I'd die for him," insisted Holloway.

"You must feel for Roy. Everyone says nice things about me, but I've never been promoted from this division into the top league.

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"The linesman knew his name, but he didn't know mine! And they don't sing my name at Manchester United every week.

"I was fortunate to chase him in two games as a player. I had to have an operation after one game!

"All I saw was his backside with Nottingham Forest three goals up. I thought I was crap, but luckily the surgeon told me afterwards that I needed an operation on my groin.

"Roy Keane is a born leader and a born winner. I can't say anymore than that.

"I don't see a bad team (referring to Ipswich) out there. They've just missed lots of chances.

"And we've just given them 50% more goals for the whole season. They had six home goals before today, and we've just given them three more!" added Holloway.

The outspoken Blackpool boss was very critical of his own role in his team's 3-1 defeat at Portman Road.

"I blame myself a little, because I tinkered with the team. We're not the red arrows, we're Blackpool!" continued Holloway.

"I don't know who I think I am, Mourinho or Ranieri?

"We didn't have our chess pieces in the right place at times today.

But full marks to Ipswich. You have to give Roy Keane credit, and the crowd credit.

"I felt the overall spirit and the way that they (Ipswich) played spoke volumes for their manager and their club.

"They scored an early goal and then caught us with a rabbit punch just before half-time. Their third goal was also a rabbit punch.

"I got a bit of a shock today. I train both our teams, the first team and the reserves, and they train the same way.

"You may say that the game could have gone either way, but I personally don't see it that way.

"We, and I, got we deserved today, which was nothing!"

Holloway's main gripe centred on referee Phil Crossley's decision to send off David Vaughan for two bookable offences.

He admitted: "I was disappointed that David Vaughan got sent off. If he deserved to be sent off, then so too did Grant Leadbitter.

"The first yellow card was what I call a good foul. He clipped the heels of their lad when he was breaking away, so that was a definite yellow card. But no way was the second a yellow card.

"Grant Leadbitter went right through David Vaughan, and he was already on a yellow.

"The assessor said the same to me at the end. That's really going to cheer me up on the five-hour journey home!"

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