Ipswich Town defend ticket price stance after BBC survey results are revealed

Ipswich Town fans

Ipswich Town fans - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Ipswich Town have defended their stance on ticket prices, following a survey released by the BBC.

The study focused on costs at 230 clubs in 13 leagues across Britain and found that the price of watching football had dropped or remained the same for the majority of fans.

At first glance, the Blues do not come off too favourable in certain sections, with the majority of Town fans paying between £31 and £40 for a matchday ticket, putting them in the division’s highest price bracket along with Sheffield Wednesday.

Town are also at the wrong end of the table for the costliest matchday ticket, the £45.50 price being second only to the Owls’ £52.

Those particular seats however, are for those supporters who wanted to pay for premium views on the halfway line, with the cheapest ticket being able to be purchased for £23.50.

Town’s dearest season ticket, priced at £829, is also the second-highest in the league. Fulham, at £839, are the only club to charge more.

However, most Town season tickets bought for the 2016/16 campaign were purchased in the lower £501-600 bracket and total sales across the board are up by 15.2% year on year. Matchday ticket sales are also up, by 6.72%, year on year.

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The club’s media manager, Steve Pearce: “We froze our matchday ticket prices for this season for 99% of our supporters.

“Adult season tickets in the lower stands around the ground work out at less than £18 for a ticket to watch the 23 Championship games.

“It’s clear that supporters have picked up on the value of a season ticket because our sales are up 15.2% year on year, while our matchday ticket sales are also up. This takes into account that we had a gate of over 25,000 for the Norwich match at the start of last season.

“The higher price matchday tickets quoted are mainly for a Grade A game and we’ve not had a Grade A game this season and won’t have one before Christmas at least.

“There is also no mention of the £10 season ticket for our under-11s which has been in place for a number of years.

“It must be one of the most competitive season ticket prices in the country. We were asked to supply that information but the BBC have not used it.”

Other areas surveyed included the price of a pie and cup of tea and how much a junior replica shirt costs, Town’s prices being matching several of their rivals’.

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