Keano in fine form at Press Conference

ROY Keane was in high spirits during today's press conference at Portman Road.

Carl Marston

ROY Keane was in high spirits during today's press conference at Portman Road.

In fact, there was no shortage of wise-cracks from the Irishman during an entertaining 40-minute chat with the assembled journalists.

Here is a selection of Keane's light-hearted ripostes.

1 With reference to the possibility of signing American triallist Devann Yao, Keane quipped: "We're trying to get him signed up for the rest of the season. He told me it was no problem in getting touch with his agent - she happens to be his mother!"

2 In response to a question about whether he had a points target from the next few games, Keane said: "I have no points target that I want to reach by Christmas. I'm just glad to be in double figures!"

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3 Describing the role of youth team keeper Ian McLoughlin, who is now effectively Town's No. 2, Keane confessed: "Arran (Lee-Barrett) will need a few days rest after the weekend, so I reckon McLoughlin will be playing for both teams in Monday's training match!"

4 Talking about the camaraderie, or sometimes lack of it, between opposing managers - in the wake of Arsen Wenger's refusal to shake hands with Mark Hughes after Arsenal 's defeat at Manchester City in midweek, Keane said: "There's nothing easier than sharing a drink after a match with the opposition manager, after you've just won.

Unfortunately, that's only happened to me twice this season!"

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