Magilton rounds on critics

JIM Magilton rounded on his critics as Ipswich enjoyed their fourth win of the season.

Derek Davis

JIM Magilton rounded on his critics as Ipswich enjoyed their fourth win of the season.

The Blues boss unloaded with both barrels when asked if he had felt under pressure before the win at Plymouth, which moved Town from 18th in the table up to 13th.

A petition calling for him to be sacked has been started, polls on message boards before the weekend were overwhelmingly calling for his head and Magilton has not liked the letters and phone-ins criticising him.

Magilton said: “I believe whole-heartedly in what I'm doing I'm not scare-mongering. I don't write that (rubbish) I let other people do that - it's embarrassing. All it does is put increase pressure on the players and because they have nothing else to write about they feel the need to do it.

“I'm building a side and what I want to do is make sure the foundations are right so if we manage to go up we are not a yo-yo club.

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“I want to make sure when we go up we have the right quality.”

Magilton admitted owner Marcus Evans low profile approach and lack of first-hand information has led to speculation among supporters run rife.

He said: “Because we have not got an owner who flaunts himself publicly they make assumptions. They are falling into the realms of fiction and because they can't have contact with him they're assuming I'm under more pressure than I am under.

“I have a fantastic relationship with the owner and I'm here until the owner looks me in the eye and says it is time for a change.

“Until then I have great belief in these players sticking together.”

Magilton knows though that more results and performances like the one at Plymouth will soon see them climb into the top six and silence the knockers.

“That is the nature of the beast. If we continue to win games then we will jump up the table - that is the nature of the division.”

He also slammed referee Pat Miller for his overall performance that saw him book four Town players, send off David Norris and show six yellow card to Plymouth players.

Magilton said: “It was a silly booking. The referee has got to go away and assess his own performance.”

Delighted with the first win at Plymouth since, Magilton picked out goal-scorers Kevin Lisbie and Owen Garvan for special praise.

He said; “Kevin Lisbie came in and did a great job. He deserved his goal and his all-round display was outstanding. I don't like singling anyone out because it was an excellent all round display, but he and Owen Garvan played a big part in that.”

Plymouth boss Paul Sturrock was nowhere near as happy with his players, but felt if Paul Gallagher's early chance saved by Richard Wright had found the net it may have helped them to get their fourth home win in a row.

He said: “If Gallagher's goes in then the game could have had a completely different complexion. He doesn't score and they go down the other end and score.

“I could rattle around the houses and try to baffle you with excuses but we were beaten by a better team - that is the first thing.

“We were not at the races when the other team had the ball. One or two of then out there had their slippers on.”