Roy discovers it's lonely at the bottom

ROY Keane has revealed he has been waiting patiently for his telephone to ring.

Elvin King

ROY Keane has revealed he has been waiting patiently for his telephone to ring.

Not to settle any transfer deals or even to confirm a takeaway order.

But, from an experienced manager offering comfort and support.

“How nice it would have been to have had a call when we were struggling at the foot of the Championship,” said Keane.

“Just for a big manager to pick up the phone and give me - or other managers at the wrong end of the table - a bell.

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“I had one call and that was not from a person in charge of a Premier League or Championship.

“And that meant a great deal to me.

“I have only been a manager for five minutes, and I look up at the ones who have reached the top and done so well.

“The League Managers' Association has been very supportive through chief executive Richard Bevan, but our most experienced managers also have a part to play.”

Keane confirmed that new coach Ian McParland has already made an impact after joining the staff last week.

“I like to surround myself with good people and personalities and along with the arrival of striker Stern John it had an affect in our dressing room at Cardiff.

“My coaches have freedom to do their own thing and along with Tony Loughlan and Steve Foley has been doing his own sessions this week.”

Keane has confidence in Arran Lee-Barrett, who was third choice keeper a fortnight ago, doing well over the next few weeks while Richard Wright is injured and until Brian Murphy is eligible on January 1.

“Arran is looking solid and I have great confidence in him,” said Keane, who confirmed that he would not go down the route of trying to bring in a currently unregistered keeper.

“I am happy with Arran, but it will pose a problem in training and practice matches with Arran needing to rest and only having Ian McLoughlin as cover. Perhaps keeper coach James Hollman will have to get involved in shooting practice etc.

“If one of our two current keepers gets injured we will look into bringing in an addition, but despite how disappointing it is to lose Asmir Begovic and then Richard Wright we are well aware of the regulations.

“I will not be speaking to Shane Supple about the possibility of him returning although ironically if he had stayed he would be in the team now.”

Keane was pleased with the display of his academy players after watching Wednesday's 2-0 FA Youth Cup third round win at Tranmere.

“They looked a decent bunch of kids with Billy Clark not afraid to tackle,” said Keane.

“Hopefully the next round will be at home having been in a minibus drinking cold tea all the way to Merseyside and back.”