Morsy on 'relishing' Cook's pressure and why the Town boss is 'as focused as I've ever seen him'

Sam Morsy pictured organising play early in the game.

Sam Morsy pictured organising play early in the game. - Credit: Steve Waller - www.stephenwaller

Sam Morsy is ready to handle the burden of expectation as boss Paul Cook continues to search for the winning formula at Ipswich Town. 

Morsy made his Ipswich debut in the Blues’ 2-1 loss to West Ham’s Under 21s in the EFL Trophy last night but must wait for his league bow, with two games remaining on a suspension picked up following a red card in his final appearance for Middlesbrough. 

That’s bad news for Cook, who is keen to get his Chesterfield and Wigan skipper in the side as soon as possible, given the Blues have now failed to win any of their eight games so far this season. 

It’s clear the Town boss has high hopes following Morsy’s arrival, insisting Saturday’s 5-2 humbling by Bolton wouldn’t have happened with Morsy in the side and adding: “Everything that we lacked today will be there times 10 from him.” 

Skipper Sam Morsy (right) and Albie Armin pictured early in the game.

Skipper Sam Morsy (right) and Albie Armin pictured early in the game. - Credit: Steve Waller - www.stephenwaller

Morsy is ready to answer his manager’s call. 

“No, not at all,” Morsy said, when asked if Cook’s comments bring an added pressure. “It’s why I’m in the game and why I love football. I relish these moments. 

“There is no doubt in my mind that we’re going to go on a great run and this is going to be a leading factor in it because we’ve had this pain.  

“For a number of years, really, Ipswich haven’t been winning games or been near the top of leagues. We have to change that around.  

“The club has top class support and soon enough I’m really hopeful we’re going to give the fans a team to be proud of. 

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“We’re not worried. We’re six (League One) games in and if you win the next six then you’re in the top six. But we haven’t won this season and we need to pick up.” 

Town manager Paul Cook looks on.

Ipswich Town manager Paul Cook. - Credit: Steve Waller - www.stephenwaller

Morsy and Cook have experienced success together in the past, winning promotions at both Chesterfield and Wigan, with the midfielder believing his manager will help turn Town into a ‘real force’ in League One. 

“He’s been promoted at every club he’s been at, the style of football is good and he assembled a really good Wigan squad which was the best in the Championship during the second half of the season (2019/20),” Morsy said of Cook. 

“I’ve worked with the manager before, the club is massive and the aim is to get promoted. 

“He’s the same guy he’s always been, possibly even better to be honest. He’s more meticulous and as focused as I’ve ever seen him. 

“At Wigan he put together this incredible team and that’s exactly what he’s looking to do here. 

“There’s no quick fix for any manager at a club where you have to sign 19 new players and rebuild a different squad. That’s tough. 

“We need results now and they need to repay the manager.  

Louie Barry, Idris El Mizouni , Sam Morsy, Albie Armin and Luke Woolfenden return to the pitch after

Louie Barry, Idris El Mizouni , Sam Morsy, Albie Armin and Luke Woolfenden return to the pitch after the break. - Credit: Steve Waller - www.stephenwaller

“A lot of players have come here because they see the potential of the club with new owners and the manager, so we’ll keep working hard. 

“Training has been brilliant, which is easy to say, but when we get players back fit and firing we’re going to be a real force in this league.” 

On his debut, which saw the Blues lose 2-1 thanks to a late penalty, Morsy said: “We wanted to win and it’s disappointing, but that’s football. 

“For me it was nice to get 90 in the legs but this is all about, in the long-term, getting back on track in the league. 

“The feeling is disappointment because we want to start winning. There’s loads of potential in the squad but we need to start putting wins together now. 

“We shouldn’t get carried away, because we’re only six league games in and nothing is won in September, so we’ll just get our heads down and work really hard on the training ground. We’ll keep going. 

“When things are going great it’s easy to play but times like this are when you see the character of the squad and which players stand up to be counted or go into their shells. 

“Without adversity you don’t do anything. This is adversity right now.” 

Morsy continued: “It’s habits, it’s what you do every day. You have to be honest with yourself, take a good look in the mirror and assess your performances and keep going. There is no magic pill to make things right – you just work harder than you did yesterday and you keep working. 

“Once you get to the level, you start winning games. 

“Momentum is part of football, good and bad. When things are going well, everything drops for you. It’s still very early days so there’s no massive reaction. 

“We’ll work harder than we’ve ever worked and, when it clicks, we’ll be in a really good place.” 

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