Steve Foley on unearthing talent for Ipswich Town in glamorous foreign climbs

Steve Foley

Steve Foley - Credit: Su Anderson

Ipswich Town development coach and Needham Market Academy head coach Steve Foley discovered Canadian starlet, Marcelo Flores, on the remote Cayman Islands, whilst on an exchange coaching trip with the Blues.

Foley explains why it is important to travel far and wide and do as much learning as possible, in the hope of unearthing a talent.

“I always encourage young coaches to learn languages and travel around the world and get as much knowledge as possible.”

“People may be a bit cynical about coaches like myself, from Ipswich Town, going to the Caribbean and the Cayman Islands and I am not going to say it’s not lovely – when you are offered the opportunity you are going to jump at it.

“But I can tell you, it is hard work, coaching six hours a day in 100 degree heat – My actual blue Ipswich shirt went grey!

It is work but the beauty of it is, you can find a little gem if you look hard enough.

“Marcelo is going to be in our Grade A boys’ group, for his age, so it’s been worthwhile.”

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