We have Premier quality - Magilton

JIM Magilton believes the Premier League quality possessed by a number of his new signings is beginning to show in the Ipswich Town squad.

Derek Davis

JIM Magilton believes the Premier League quality possessed by a number of his new signings is beginning to show in the Ipswich Town squad.

Moritz Volz, Richard Wright and Iván Campo were with Premier League clubs last season, while Jon Stead, David Wright, Jon Walters, Pablo Counago, Alex Bruce, Tommy Miller, Ben Thatcher and Kevin Lisbie, who Magilton also brought to the club, have all experienced top-flight football, along with Richard Naylor.

That experience and ability has helped improve the Blues, according to the manager.

Magilton said: “They have raised the quality and the profile and raised the tempo in training.

“They have all been in winning dressing rooms and have that real inner belief.”

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Magilton is confident their influence will rub off on the rest of the players at Ipswich and help in the promotion fight.

He said: “It has slowly seeped in and will get better with confidence and with winning games of football.

“Certainly the manner in as much as they way they conduct themselves is all top-class.

“They have all played at the highest level and we all want to get back there.”

Former Real Madrid and Bolton star Campo has shown signs in recent games of his undoubted quality, although Magilton admits he is still not quite a 90-minute performer just yet, hence the reason he replaced him during the 2-1 defeat at Charlton.

Magilton said: “Iván is playing catch up as he missed much of the pre-season but you can see he is genuine class and has real composure so he is going to be a real asset for us.

“I have another real footballer in Owen Garvan and I felt he could use the ball in the second half.

“Iván didn't dominate as much with the ball in the second half as he did first half so it was a tactical change.”

Another fairly recent signing is £2.2million buy from Plymouth, David Norris, who has impressed since recovering from a foot injury that hampered him in the latter part of last season and early in this campaign.

Magilton said: “David is one of those lads who is not a typical Ipswich Town player. He wants to be competitive and aggressive.

“David gives us an edge and is a reason why we are more competitive away from home now.”

Although disappointed with the defeat against Charlton, but not the performance, Magilton is confident Town can go again, starting with Swansea at home next week.

He said: “It is going to be similar to last year. We have had a poor start, we hold our hands up to that, and didn't get off the start we wanted.

“But from the last international break we were unbeaten through September and have been very competitive against Charlton.

“We get ourselves ready now and go again after the break with hope.”

Alex Bruce, Veliche Shumulikoski and Owen Garvan are away with their respective countries.

The break will also allow Tommy Miller, who has a hip injury, the time to recover.

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