Ipswich Witches take maximum four League Cup points after big win at Plymouth Devils

Ipswich Witches maintained their perfect start to the season as Plymouth were swept aside for a second successive night, on Friday evening.

After a 50-41 win at Foxhall on Thursday, Ipswich headed to Devon with Richie Worrall back in transit, after Elite League duty, while Chris Schramm replaced Adam Ellis and Devon Demons’ Tim Webster stood in for Ritchie Hawkins (illness).

The first race saw Devils’ Roland Benko go too wide on bend two, which allowed the Worrall to chase Ben Barker. Benko then had engine failure, allowing Gino Manzares to pass for a 3-3.

The second heat saw the Witches take a 5-1 from the gate but Kalle Katajisto and Ben Reade were both able to pass Webster, resulting in a second 3-3, Schramm winning.

At 6-6, the next two races saw the Witches stretch ahead with Morten Risager winning at a canter, before Schramm took the win in heat four.

Manzares and Worrall combined well in heat five for a 5-1 and 20-10 lead, before Barker reduced the gap, in a tactical ride, the skipper winning, Benko third.

The start of heat seven saw Ipswich lead 22-17, but Risager grabbed another heat win for a 3-3, before Benko won heat eight with Katajisto trailing Manzares and Schramm.

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Tungate finally earned a win in heat nine with Schramm third, before Risager took heat 10.

Ipswich pulled away in heat 11, Worrall, then Manzares, leading from the gate, before Katajisto sped ahead of Risager and Reade for a Plymouth 4-2.

Worrall held off Barker in heat 13, Tungate in third, for a Witches 4-2 and a 46-35 lead, before Katajisto and Rasmus Jensen earned a Devils 5-1.

Risager and Worrall added some gloss to the scoreline in the last heat, the latter passing Barker after the former Ipswich man went too wide, then holding him off, for four points and another League Cup win.

Heat details and scorers (Ipswich score first)

1 Barker, Worrall, Manzares, Benko 3-3 3-3

2 Schramm, Katajisto, Reade, Webster 3-3 6-6

3 Risager, Newman, Heeps, Jensen 4-2 10-8

4 Schramm, Tungate, Simota, Reade 5-1 15-9

5 Manzares, Worrall, Newman, Jensen 5-1 20-10

6 Barker (t), Tungate, Benko, Webster 2-7 22-17

7 Risager, Simota, Reade, Heeps 3-3 25-20

8 Benko, Manzares, Schramm, Katajisto 3-3 28-23

9 Tungate, Jensen, Schramm, Newman (R) 4-2 32-25

10 Risager, Barker, Benko, Heeps 3-3 35-28

11 Worrall, Manzares, Simota, Katajisto 5-1 40-29

12 Katajisto, Risager, Reade, Schramm 2-4 42-33

13 Worrall, Barker, Tungate, Simota 4-2 46-35

14 Katajisto, Jensen, Heeps, Webster 1-5 47-40

15 Risager, Worrall, Barker, Katajisto 5-1 52-41

Plymouth: Barker 14, Benko 5, Newman 3, Jensen 4+1, Simota 4, Katajisto 8, Reade 3+2

Ipswich: Worrall 12+2, Manzares 8+2, Risager 14, Heeps 2, Tungate 8+1, Schramm 8+1, Webster 0

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