‘It will not change the negativity’ – Lambert on 2-1 comeback win at Plymouth

Ipswich Town boss Paul Lambert has blasted the negativity surrounding the club - but Karl Fuller says fans are just being...

Ipswich Town boss Paul Lambert has blasted the negativity surrounding the club - but Karl Fuller says fans are just being honest Picture|: PAGEPIX LTD

Ipswich Town manager Paul Lambert says today’s 2-1 come-from-behind win at 10-man Plymouth ‘won’t change the negativity’ surrounding the club.

Luke Jephcott puts the Pilgrims in front after 14 minutes, with the game then turning in the 70th minute when home midfielder Danny Mayor was dismissed for a second booking.

Town quickly responded by scoring twice in as many minutes, Jon Nolan levelling things up with a fine chest and volley (73) before Kayden Jackson found the bottom corner after Oli Hawkins’ chested lay-off (74).

When it was put to Lambert that this win was another step in the right direction, he replied: “Yeah... It’s a win... It’s a win. We move on to the next game... We move on... Yeah.”

Asked if he was happy with his team’s performance at Home Park, Lambert paused and replied: “Yeah. We’re sitting third I think, joint third. That’s not bad. We move on.”

When it was put to him that he sounded a bit downbeat considering it was a win, Lambert – who had blasted ‘absolute nonsense criticism’ following Tuesday night’s goalless draw at Oxford United – said: “No, there are just things going through my heads that’s all. It’s fine. It’s okay.”

But he must be feeling good after a much-needed victory?

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“I know what it means to me and to the guys and the staff,” he said. “We came here with the team that we have at the minute. It’s incredible how they’re doing. We just keep trying.

“As I’ve said before, I’m proud of the guys. Every week they play good football. There are so many problems back home. We had a good game. We didn’t deserve to lose 1-0. We should have had a penalty, which was incredible. Yeah, the guys deserve so much credit.”

Later in the interview, he was again asked how much mental strength the team had shown to secure the win considering the amount of injuries there are and the current mood surrounding the club.

“Yeah, but it will not change the negativity,” he replied. “It won’t change it. From them guys, brilliant. We lost two games (to Hull and Charlton) and I think everyone thought we were sitting bottom of the table. We’re sitting third.

“We don’t have the guys in the treatment room to come back. We have so many guys missing, big guys. It’s not as if it’s young guys you don’t rely on. It’s big guys. Guys who make massive contributions to us.

“Will it change the negativity? No. It won’t.”

So what will change that negativity? A run of wins? Lambert replied: “No, I know what needs to be changed. But I’ll keep those thoughts to myself.”

With this having been Lambert’s 100th game in charge of Town, he said: “I’ve been a manager for nearly as long as what I played. It was 2005 I started management. I really don’t know how many games I’ve done. When I was at Wolves I think it 600 and something. With a bit of luck I might get a thousand.

“I don’t know! It depends on how much I enjoy it or how much I don’t want to do it. I don’t know. My mood swing could be brilliant in the morning.”

Quizzed further on the game itself, the Blues boss finally gave his thoughts on the action and key events.

“Great. I thought we started the game really well. They sat off us. We should have a penalty (for a foul on Jack Lankester). How that’s not a penalty I don’t know. Then they score with their first attack.

“It was just a matter of keep doing what we were doing and trying to force the game. We got into some great areas. The contribution of the sub guys was big. We made the right calls and got the win.

“Even in the first half they were dropping off. I thought Kayden should have pulled the trigger when he went through. Dobs (Amando Dobra) should have done better when he went through. So there were good moments there, good possibilities. It was just a matter of keep going and keep going.”

On two very well-taken goals from Nolan and Jackson, he said: “I thought Nolan was really good. When Nolan is busy he’s really good. Kayden maybe should have pulled the trigger in the first half when he went right through, but the kid has not played much football. He’s just still trying to find his feet. And I thought his goal was excellent.”

Meanwhile, the Blues boss revealed that the absent Aaron Drinan is the latest member of the squad to pick up an injury.

“That was bizarre because it was a recovery day,” said Lambert. “He didn’t train with us, but felt a little twinge in his hamstring. You can have the best medical team in the world and things like this can happen.”

Asked if any of his injured senior players would be back in time for next Saturday’s home clash with Portsmouth, he said: “I don’t think so, no. I don’t know if any will be back.”