LONDON 2 NORTH: Ipswich 57 Basildon 17

Ipswich Rugby Club

Ipswich Rugby Club - Credit: Archant

The match began in something of a habitual way for high flying Ipswich.

The visitors Basildon kicked off and quickly conceded two tries to an Ipswich team, in their customary black and yellow, resembling a swarm of angry bees. By 10 minutes, Ipswich were 12-0 up and by 20 minutes it was 26-0.

The players responsible for a half time score of 37-0 were Jermaine Watson, Simon Uzokwe, Henry Alexander and Ryan Potkins with Corné Els embellishing each try bar one.

The first half saw technique blended with ruthless execution with ambition as the tonic.

At half time the crowd, which grows by the week settled in for more of the same, but comparisons to the last 113-0 home match were made and then it all went horribly wrong.

Basildon were awarded a penalty in the home side’s half and elected to take it quickly.

Having not retreated, Ipswich were penalised again 10 yards up the pitch at which point the referee showed the initial signs of yellow fever and sin binned Corné Els.

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Encouraged, the visitors scored a try and then set siege to Ipswich for the next 10 minutes gaining another one which was converted.

Once restored to the full compliment, normal service resumed for Ipswich with two tries, both of which were converted by Henry Alexander stepping in for the now substituted Els.

However, this wasn’t the end of proceedings. With the yellow fever now fully developed, the referee sin-binned two Ipswich players for reasons yet to be fully understood. Reduced to 13 men, the home side were reduced to what might quaintly referred to as stalling tactics.

The game finished 57-17 leaving Ipswich with six wins from six games and maximum popints.

The next four games sees Ipswich play the other contenders for promotion, including a tough trip to Chelmsford next week, by which point the club really will know what the prospects are.