Mark Loram on the British final

IT will probably be the usual suspects in contention at tonight's British Final in Swindon.Great Britain's big two Scott Nicholls and Chris Harris will continue their battle and they will both start short-priced odds to take the coveted title.

IT will probably be the usual suspects in contention at tonight's British Final in Swindon.

Great Britain's big two Scott Nicholls and Chris Harris will continue their battle and they will both start short-priced odds to take the coveted title.

While I respect and admire what these two lads have done, a big part of me would like to see a new name come through and begin their journey to the top.

I have three names on my list to make progress and become the next Scotty or Bomber.

Edward Kennett is a good lad, who has the grit and determination to make the grade. I like the look of him and will be watching his progress with interest.

Adam Roynon, who rides for Birmingham in the Premier League, is another who has what it takes to reach the top.

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He also has a chance tonight to make an impact. And my third rider to follow is Tai Woffinden, the 17-year-old who impressed everybody at Foxhall last Thursday when guesting for Belle Vue.

Woffinden is making a name for himself with Rye House in the Premier League, and he has the potential to become a Grand Prix rider without any doubt.

The rider who finishes highest up the order tonight - apart from Scott and Bomber, who are already in the GP series - are set to receive the wild card invitation for the British GP at Cardiff on June 28.

This will give them a great insight into what riding at the very top means, and hopefully one of our younger riders will get that opportunity.

CONTINUING on the British Final theme it is a great shame that Ipswich have no rider involved tonight.

Okay, Daniel King might be a Witches asset, but he is now in his second year riding for Peterborough.

For many years Ipswich were always well represented at a meeting that has unfortunately lost some of its magic after being the Blue Riband British speedway event every year.

Ipswich are not alone in having few home-grown riders in their ranks although Chris Louis - and myself - would no doubt have been in action tonight if fit.

It is a sign of the times that foreign riders are 'taking over' the Elite League, and it is one of the 'wrongs' I aim to put right when I am in a position to get cracking in my job helping the British Under-21 squad.

Chris carried the Ipswich flag last season while I was ineligible to ride two years ago after I had failed to fill in an appropriate form in time. That was politics gone mad, and the least said about that the better.

THERE is a buzz around Foxhall Stadium the like of which has not been felt for several years.

Zooming up from last to first place in the Elite League in next to no time was an incredibly achievement by the lads.

I never thought that Ipswich would struggle this season, but what has happened over the last couple of weeks has far exceeded our expectations.

There is a long way to go but it has given the Witches a strong foundation on which to build, and there is every chance of a top four - and hopefully a top two - finish to the campaign.

There have been gripes from other promotions that Ipswich have gained from the complicated rules that have seen Piotr Swiderski being allowed to ride at reserve despite being the top average Ipswich rider.

And the quality of guests brought in to replace Chris Louis has also come in for criticism from some quarters.

But this is how the cookie crumbles, and Ipswich have ridden to the rules and taken full advantage of for once having the dice loaded in their favour.

A two-and-a-half week break is not ideal before Ipswich return to action on June 9. The Polish riders will benefit from a break from sitting in airport lounges, but for someone like Chris Schramm he could well lose his edge.

You need to race at least twice a week to keep at your sharpest.

SPEEDWAY Star editor Richard Clark is a big mate of mine, and he was at Foxhall last Thursday for the Evening Star Witches win over Belle Vue.

Richard's other half is an Aces fans, but I do not hold that against him.

He stays at mine about once a month, and Richard does not need too much of an excuse to crack open a couple of beers.

His favourite tipple is Guinness and once a year we have a week - with a number of other speedway lads, often including Chris Louis - touring some marvellous bars in Ireland.

Richard is an ace on the guitar and he spent last Thursday afternoon giving my better half Flo a lesson as she is learning to play the instrument and is coming along very well.


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