Pole took advice

MARCIN Rempala took the advice of his fellow Pole Robert Miskowiak before selecting Ipswich Evening Star Witches as the club to ride for in the Elite League.

By Elvin King

MARCIN Rempala took the advice of his fellow Pole Robert Miskowiak before selecting Ipswich Evening Star Witches as the club to ride for in the Elite League.

The 22-year-old arrived in Ipswich yesterday and had talks with Witches promoter John Louis and rider/manager Chris Louis.

Today he put pen to paper and said through his manager, Slawek Mikos of MSJ Speedway Promotions, “Robert is my friend and he was quick to recommend riding for Ipswich having been with the club for two years.

“Ipswich has a good brand name in Poland, and receives good opinions from Polish riders.

“I know that Tomasz Gollob only rides for good clubs.”

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Rempala, whose 37-year-old brother Jacek rides for Berwick and was the Coventry number eight this year, rides for Tarnow in the top Polish League.

He lives just outside the town where his two other riding brothers Tomasz and Grzegorz are also based. Grzegorz is going to look after the Marcin's machinery and spend time in Ipswich in March.

Although not a big speedway name, Rempala has the pedigree to improve his average and his signature was highly sought after in England.

Witches fans will still be hoping a fresh higher average rider comes in to ensure that Ipswich improve on their disappointing performances of recent years.

“The time was right for me to ride in England,” stressed Rempala, whose only previous visit to this country was to ride in the 2004 World Cup final at Poole.

“I want to improve my skills, and Ipswich have people like Mark Loram and Chris and John Louis who can help me.

“They are the gurus of the speedway world.

“I will be studying videos of English tracks this winter.

“One day I hope to gain a place in the Grand Prix, but that is some way off yet.”

Rempala, who comes into the Ipswich side with an assessed 5.0 point average, started riding mini-bikes at six and took to larger machines at 13.

He has always ridden for Tarnow apart from one spell at neighbouring Rzeszow. He will also ride in the Thursday night Swedish Second Division, but Ipswich will have priority.

With Chris Louis also signing his 2007 contract today, Ipswich have used up 20.53 of the 42.50 points they have available to build their side for next season.

Mark Loram, the 2000 World Champion who proved such a big hit at Foxhall last season, has also signed.

Chris Louis said: “We have kept tabs on Marcin since he burst on to the scene at Poole.

“Quite rightly he has delayed his move into the Elite League. But once we were told he was ready to take on a new challenge with all the travelling we stepped in straight away.

“It would be unfair to compare him to other Poles we have had at Foxhall as Marcin is his own man.

“He has adapted to riding successfully in the top Polish League and showed in the 2004 World Cup final that he has what it takes.”

Talking about his own signing, Louis said: “It will be my 20th season with Ipswich and I am looking forward to it.

“If I am happy with my riding at the end of the season I plan to do another one in 2008.

“We are close to confirming our full side. I'm pleased with how our team building is going.”

Witches' season tickets for 2007 are now on sale. Tickets can be bought before January 31 for £295 adults and £235 for concessions.

They can be purchased by sending a cheque made payable to Ipswich Speedway Promotions, a stamped addressed envelope and a passport-style photograph to Ipswich Speedway, c/o 7 Penshurst Road, Ipswich IP3 8QZ.