Revitalised Cardinals get back on track

AMERICAN FOOTBALL: Kent Exiles  6  Ipswich Cardinals 49. THE Ipswich Cardinals bounced back from their defeat at Oxford last week by trouncing the Kent Exiles at Orpington on Sunday.


The Ipswich Cardinals bounced back from their defeat at Oxford last week by

trouncing the Kent Exiles at Orpington on Sunday.

The overwhelming 49 points to 6 victory ensures the Cardinals a position in

the post season play-offs and a chance to go one better than losing finalists

like last year.

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The travelling squad was slightly larger than the previous week's which

helped enormously as players had more chance of a breather between series.

Having said that, the eleven starters on the Exiles offence still managed to

catch out the starting eleven of the Cardinals defence with a touchdown on

their opening drive!

Having punted away possession on their first series, the Cardinals offence

were discussing tactics on the sidelines when jubilant cheers rang out from

the Kent benches as running back Roy Hall caught the pitch back from

quarterback Andy Mountain and then passed it downfield to a wide open


Regaining their composure somewhat, the defence managed to snuff out the

Exiles two point conversion attempt but the home side had chalked up the

first score in fine style.

As expected though, the Cardinals' superiority began to show as the game

progressed. The speed of Ipswich running back Mark Wallace was just too much

for the hosts to handle and with Paul Borstell blasting through the line of

scrimmage regularly the Kent cracks were soon exposed.

Defensively, each time the Exiles offence appeared it seemed as if the

Ipswich tacklers had personal vendetta's against every man in a black shirt.

Tackles flew in from all angles, bruising hit's knocked people backwards in

an awesome display that overwhelmed the hapless Kent players.

Now playing with the confident knowledge that no more points would be

conceded, the offence set about turning possession into points.

By powering up the middle one play, then speeding around the defenders the

next, along with some short pass plays as well, the visitors racked up three

touchdowns before halftime, leaving the hosts scratching their heads in

wonder as to how to stop the Cardinals momentum.

The second half turned into an even bigger rout as four more touchdowns were

added to the scoreline. Wallace grabbed 4 on the day, the other 3 going to

Borstell, although the offensive line of the Ipswich team must take just as

much, if not more, credit for blasting the holes the running backs ran


Coaches Chris Cantrill and James Mitchell were delighted with the

performance, especially after the dissappointment of the previous week and

Coach Mitchell didn't mind one bit when he received the" Gatorade shower"

from defensive tackle Shaun Rapley at the final whistle.

There's one week off before the final league fixture, the home game on the

22nd July against the Chiltern Cheetah's, and with more player's returning

from injury and vacations, and a play-off berth now secure, it look's like

being another memorable year for the high flying Ipswich Cardinals!