Sammy fades away after bright start

MOTOR SPORT: Fans packed into Foxhall Stadium, for an eventful motorsport meeting, which offered something for the hardened enthusiast or casual spectator.


FANS packed into Foxhall Stadium, for an eventful motorsport meeting, which offered something for the hardened enthusiast or casual spectator.

The 2 litre Hot Rods returned just a fortnight after an exciting meeting in which Sammy Shuddall and Dave Longhurst had fought out a classic final where they raced side by side for lap after lap before Shuddall took the win by inches.

There was no Longhurst for this meeting as he was racing his National Hot Rod in the Midlands, so when Shuddall won the opening heat fans wondered where the opposition was going to come from.

As it turned out that was the end of his success for the day as he never really threatened again, Mark Fuller taking heat two in the Renault normally driven by Andy Sturt and Colin Hitch winning the final.

For the locals, Martyn Dew from Needham Market and Tommy Miller from Potter Heigham both managed a second place but were swiftly relegated down the order in their other races.

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The small group of V8 Hot Rods produced three very fast and quite close races, Ipswich's Roy Eaton being the star turn with some almost suicidal overtaking on the outside.

He glanced the safety wall a couple of times but it was never enough to halt his progress and probably deserved to win more than one of the races.

A good entry of Stockcars produced all the customary pushing and shoving as the big names tried to work their way through from the back of the grid.

As usual, the Dereham stars Diggy and Julian Smith were in the thick of the action as they renewed their ongoing feud with some of the top southern stars, but neither got near to winning as Aldershot's Lee Boulden took both the heats.

Yarmouth's Joe Mancini rounded off a good weekend by winning the final to go with the English Championship he won at Swaffham on Saturday.

The Bangers completed the entertainment with a four-a-side team match which featured the eagerly awaited clash between the Norwich Boys and another Norwich based outfit the Mafia.

There has been intense rivalry between Gary Cannell and Nigel White in the Norwich team, and the Picton brothers, who race for the Mafia, over many years and while they swapped blows fairly evenly and as per rule book in the opening heat, it all boiled over in heat two when Cannell went on the rampage, driving his Jag flat out into a Picton Granada which was out of the race and parked on the grass.

The other Picton responded by driving into Cannell, and for a few moments it was mayhem before the officials managed to stop them and then abandon the race.

The final, minus most of the miscreants, was rather quieter and although Alistair Warren did all he could to try and inspire his team to victory, the overall consistency of the Cheetas gave them the win on the day.

The afternoon concluded with a Banger Caravan destruction derby, the first time that such an event had been staged outside of the speed weekend in July.

The dozen caravans were reduced to piles of wood, metal and plastic in less than five minutes of action which also managed to be quite comical as well.

Amazingly, three of the caravans were still being towed round after the five lap race, but it didn't take long for them to go the same way as the others, leaving the officials with a lot of clearing up to do.

Results from Foxhall

Hot Rods

Heat One: 1 Sammy Shuddall (Hayes), 2 Martyn Dew (Needham Market), 3 Mark Fuller (Portsmouth).

Heat Two: 1 Fuller, 2 Tommy Miller (Potter Heigham), 3 Charlie Schembri (Cheshunt).

Final: 1 Colin Hitch (Hertford), 2 Sean O'Leary (Hayes), 3 Pat Kiely (Ilford).


Heat One: 1 Lee Boulden (Aldershot), 2 Paul Brown (Braintree), 3 Diggy Smith (Dereham).

Heat Two: 1 Boulden, 2 Brown, 3 Derry Monk (Crawley).

Final: 1 Jo Mancini (Yarmouth), 2 Glen White (Southampton), 3 Monk.

V8 Hot Rods

Heat One: 1 Peter Finnis (Ashford), 2 Roy Eaton (Ipswich), 3 Peter Scott (Romford).

Heat Two: 1 Eaton, 2 Scott, 3 Finnis.

Final: 1 Julian Mendus (Redhill), 2 Scott, 3 Finnis.


Heat One: 1 Alistair Warren (Ipswich), 2 Dave Canham (Ipswich), 3 Ilias Cunningham (Wisbech).

Heat Two: 1 Duane Collings (Ipswich), 2 Mel Sherman (Ipswich), 3 Mark Anderson (North Walsham).

Final: 1 Warren, 2 Collings, 3 Cunningham.

Caravan Race

1 Warren, 2 Collings, 3 Kevin Ling (Bungay).

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