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SEA FISHING: Beach anglers prepare for action. Its news the boat anglers from our region have known for a couple of weeks now, now its time for us beach anglers to fill our boots.

Beach anglers prepare for action. Its news the boat anglers from our region have known for a couple of weeks now, now its time for us beach anglers to fill our boots. Orford must be the top venue at the moment, consistently producing bags of whiting with a few dogfish thrown in for good measure. It seems though the fish are being a bit fussy, with reports that fish and squid baits not producing. Worm is the thing the fish are after, although this will change as the whiting shoals take up temporary residence. Mick Hudson's solitary cod was the only one reported last week, some fish up to 6lbs have been caught off the Kent beaches during a match which sounds promising. Orford this week produced a few codling, notably two to Pot Chennery, along with some decent dogfish. Full round up of Orford including a report on the potential landing stage next week. Peter Cocksedge of Felixstowe sea anglers sadly missed out last week, losing a big bass, seen by others who estimated it at over 10lbs. Peter was fishing the Viewing area at Felixstowe during a club match. Fishing size 1 hooks, Peter was trying to catch as many species as possible when the big fish picked up his bait. The fish swam in with his line, something that big bass seem to do a lot, snagging his line on a wooded pile. Not giving up easily Peter climbed down to the fish to release his rig only to find the fish had straightened his hook and made its escape. It seems the classic story as these fish seldom come along when you're fishing for them with the right gear. These fish often hang around venues like that, over the past years several large fish have been taken from this area. With that in mind I, after hearing this story, headed for the same spot, armed with big hooks and some monster king rag, just wanting to be taken by a big bass. True to form as I was actually fishing for big fish, they failed to show. Its amazing what can actually get on a big hook as several whiting and eels came along during my session. I tried to tempt the fish by fishing a pennel rig with big baits. The idea behind it was to try and hook a small fish on the pennel which would then in turn attract a larger predator. Live pout under a float work just as well. In the past anglers such as Roger Mortimer have been very successful in catching large bass using this method from the same spot. With the influx of all these small fish the chances of picking up a monster in this way dramatically increases. Looking forward to this coming Saturday, sees the Suffolk Count AA open match at Sizewell. As part of this match the outstanding team competition will be finalized. Fishing Sizewell may produce a few surprises. Not only the chance of a big bass but a specimen sole. Nows the time when the larger females come inshore to spawn and Sizewell is one of the top venues. Ragworm should prove to be the top bait. Whiting at this time of year will readily take this over lugworm, although as I said earlier this will soon change. Wilf Cook is organizing so if you fancy joining in give him a ring on 01473-251209.

- This deserving of causes, close to my heart is once again going to be the beneficiary of the Aldeburgh Blind open match on Sunday 21st October. Paul Harrison is the organizer, once again the main sponsors are M.C.T. Electrical(Aldeburgh and Leiston) and Regatta restaurant. Several changes have taken place this year with regard to the prize list, under Paul's guidance the winner will now collect &750.00, with £500 and £250 going to 2nd and 3rd places. Subject to an entry of between 300-350 anglers section prizes will include payouts to the top 4, with a view to increasing it to the top 5 if we all turn up and support it. 5 sections of 70 anglers is planned with a grand draw in aid of the charity, sponsored by Ipswich building society. Tickets are available from all local tackle shops, even I have been given 20 to sell so don't delay, support this event. Disabled anglers are catered for with provision made for pegs, although you must arrange this with Paul before the day. For information please ring Paul on 01728-454041.

- The second league match was fished at Tinkers end, Thorpeness point, on a big flooding tide, after a few days of a strong northwesterly wind. 14 anglers fished the match and with the wind now having eased and swung round to the north west, anglers were very optimistic of some good bags of whiting and possibly an early codling. Back at the weigh in after the 3 hour match it was soon obvious that the wind and swell had played their part as fishing was patchy, the weather stopping the fish from shoaling up and feeding. The inform John Smith took 1st place with a bag of whiting for 1lb 15oz. Runner up was Dave Cook with four whiting for 1lb 13oz, 3rd was Matty King who found some eels for 1lb 3oz. Also in he points on the night was Danny Pickering and Karl Sore both with whiting. Matty King took the biggest fish prize with one of his eels. Next match is at Aldeburgh on 27th September. Message to Smithy boy, Dave will get you in the end.

- Karl Dawson is the new press secretary for the FSAS so any news or club stories please pass onto Karl so that it can get into the press. Karl missed last weeks species match due to a number of reasons. Football and drink being the top ones! Jason Banham, after witnessing the lost bass ran out the winner of the match with a dab and a flounder for 1lb 7oz, how he didn't manage to catch an eel in the river I don't know! Runner up was Graham Messenger who did find an eel to go with his flounder for 1lb 2oz. Poor old Peter had to be content with the old story, the one that got away. Felixstowe boat reports an abundance of whiting with the very odd cod, so prospects for the club look good. Another plug for the FSAS junior festival on the 20th October. Brian Hazel is organizing and can be contacted on 01473-824077. With a teach in at the club hut from 10.00hrs a small match will follow with age groups cater for up to 16 years of age. As an added bonus any junior taking part will receive a free membership.

- Last Sunday week saw Suffolk beach take 25 of its members to Orford island where fish were plentiful. Dogfish, pout, eel, whiting, dab and cod were all brought to the scales. Biggest fish was a codling of 2lb 10oz, caught by John Scrivener. The top 3 anglers weighed in 81 fish between them, mainly whiting although several dogfish were included with Mick Parker landing one of 1lb 14oz. 1st Matty Andrews 13lb 13oz, 2nd Mark Ward 12lb 9oz, 3rd Mick Parker 11lb 12oz. Top junior was Ollie Page with 2lb 12oz, who looked to have become much younger in last weeks report! A case of mistaken identity I think! Sorry Ollie. Next match for the club is on 1st October at Felixstowe, meeting in the manor car park. The draw for the knockout has taken place, details on the monthly news letter.

- At the meeting held at Southwold on 12th September the following items were discussed.

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The small boat festival for 2002 has the problem of where to launch. With the Ferry at Felixstowe becoming very congested and the club hut out of the question due to safety, other venues are being looked at. Southwold and Brightlingsea were top of the list with the decision being taken at the next meeting. A series of summer matches are to be held, probably fished as pairs. On the 30th December the division is going to run an open beach festival at Shotley. Fishing times are 09.30-2.30pm, meeting in the marina car park. Next meeting is 31st October at the Felixstowe club hut.

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