Stowmarket swim to victory

STOWMARKET Swimming Club swam to victory at the very smoothly run 12th Sudbury Masters meet, winning the top visiting club cup.

STOWMARKET Swimming Club swam to victory at the very smoothly run 12th Sudbury Masters meet, winning the top visiting club cup.

There were 28 individual first placings with David Elliston (40-44 yrs) and Dale Barker (45-49 yrs) totally dominating their age groups, both winning five of their six races, with Elliston coming second in the 200m freestyle swimming butterfly and Barker coming third in the 200m freestyle swimming backstroke.

There were clean sweeps for David Harrison, Richard Woodward and Shaun Harrison, all being economic with the events, going for quality rather than quantity, with David and Richard winning three races and Shaun two.

Adam Duszynski and Andy Wright were made of sturdier stuff, swimming in all six races, with Duszynski winning three races and getting two seconds and a third in his 50m breaststroke where he swam a personal best time of 35.80. Wright won two races with four second places.

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One old name making a welcome return to Stowmarket Swimming Club, swimming in his first gala for 14 years, was Daniel Connick, who swam exceptionally well, winning three races and coming second in two others.

There were top-three positions for John Adams, Clive Mitson, Stephen Moore and Glen Harrison with Moore swimming a pb in his 100m individual medley.

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In the ladies' events Kimberley Hough stormed to victory in her 50m front crawl.

The only disappointment for Stowmarket was the lack of females competing for the team, making it a very tight finish between Stowmarket and Diss in the overall club position.

Team Results:

1st Stowmarket 267pts,

2nd Diss 251 pts,

3rd Colchester 164 pts,

4th EA Swallowtails 93pts,

5th Dunmow 89 pts.

First Place Individual Results:

Ladies: Kimberley Hough (25-29yrs) 50m front crawl 29.13 sec.

Men: Adam Duzzynski (17-24yrs) 200m freestyle 2min 04.51, 50 fly 30.22, 50 back 31.51.

David Harrison (17-24yrs) 100m IM 1.02.06, 50m breast 30.50, 50m front crawl 25.02.

Shaun Harrison (25-29yrs) 200m freestyle 2.03.44, 50m front crawl 24.84.

Daniel Connick (30-34yrs) 50m fly 32.67, 50m back 34.57, 50m breast 36.92.

Richard Woodward (30-34yrs) 200m freestyle 2.17.15, 100m IM 1.10.03, 50m front crawl 26.78.

David Elliston (40-44yrs) 50m fly 30.23, 50m back 31.93, 100m IM 1.08.33, 50m breast 34.89, 50m front crawl 27.10.

Dale Barker (44-49yrs) 50m fly 30.70, 50m back 31.46, 100m IM 1.10.89, 50m breast 35.95, 50m front crawl 27.90.

Andy Wright (50-54yrs) 200m freestyle 2.40.03, 50m front crawl 31.84.

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