Suffolk over-70s face Australian counterparts at Copdock in Ipswich


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Australia may have the current bragging rights in the Ashes Series, but a group of veterans from Suffolk will be looking to claw back some pride on Friday.

The county’s over-70s team are hosting a touring Australia side and will take them on in a 40 or 45 over game at Ipswich Cricket Club, Copdock.

The Aussies, who are staying in London, jetted over to England in time to see their team level up the Ashes series with a thumping 405-run victory at Lord’s on Sunday and are bound to be buoyant when they arrive at Clay Hall Farm for the game which starts at 1.30pm.

“I am sure they will be coming here in good spirits, having timed their trip to coincide with the game at Lord’s,” said over-70s captain Chris Watson.

“We really don’t know what to expect though, apart from the fact that they will be competitive. I am sure the whole day will be an enjoyable experience for everybody.

“It’s nice for players of our age to be able to compete against a similar age group side, in the way cricket should be played.”

The over-70s team has been together for the last four or five years, while there are now also two over-60 and 50 teams, much to Watson’s delight.

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The Suffolk over-70s team only has about 20 active players that play active cricket, so we try and stay as fit and healthy as possible,” Watson added.

“It’s still as competitive as ever and everyone plays to win. We also get to spend a fair bit of time in the bar afterwards too!

“The good thing about age group cricket is that whatever age you are, one day you can be right on form and the next day it can all come crashing down, just like England have found in the current Ashes series.

“But the camaraderie between the players is brilliant and I am sure everyone will have a really good time and the game will be contested in the right spirit.

The Suffolk team have a busy two days as tomorrow they entertain Surrey at Melton St Audry’s Cricket Club.

All visitors are welcome and refreshments and a bar will be available on the day.