SUFFOLK SPORTS AWARDS: The Summer House Productions Project of the Year Award

The annual Suffolk Sports Awards will take place at Trinity Park, Ipswich, on Friday. Fourteen awards will be presented and today, we look at the contenders for The Summer House Productions Project of the Year Award. Next Wednesday we’ll bring you the winners from the ceremony.

Ipswich Cycle Race Series

The Ipswich Cycle Race series, right, was established two years ago as the only midweek closed road circuit event in Suffolk.

Looking to attract more participants and volunteers in 2013, the committee now include representatives from eight cycling clubs across the county.

New elements introduced in 2013 included a full day of racing for all levels at the weekend, an under 16s-only event and a women-only event.

The race programme this year has seen a whopping 70% increase in participation from that of 2012, close to 1,200 attendances across the seven events in six weeks.

With a mixed club organisation, new riders were able to interact with clubs from across the county and have the opportunity to join and continue their cycling. The series depends on voluntary input and spreading the word across local clubs has significantly increased the appreciation and sign up to the events with many riders sacrificing a night’s racing to volunteer.

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The Suffolk Coastal Inter-Village Rounders League

When the project was first launched it became obvious that there was a distinct lack of provision for inter-village sport.

Playing rounders was an obvious choice and the Summer League was kept straightforward; each team played each other twice with each ‘round’ being hosted by each village in turn.

The inaugural league was a huge success on many levels, providing a great way for people from other villages to get together.

The success of the summer league has meant that there are plans to extend delivery next year, and the potential of a winter indoor league.

Ipswich Parkrun

With no membership required, no advanced entry and no entry fee, the Parkrun is proving a phenomenal success.

In just over a year, the weekly event has hosted 57 runs in Ipswich parks, reaching 1,489 runners, with an average attendance of 123 runners per week. With no age restriction, young and old take part alongside each other and a very supportive community.

The Parkrun has enjoyed several themed days such as fancy dress, men’s volunteering, junior marshalling and pb week to help maintain its fun start to the weekend for participants.

The event is managed by a core of nine volunteers who ensure that crucial tasks are undertaken and maintain the running of the event.