Treble success for Emma at Open

SWIMMING: Ipswich swimmers claimed a series of impressive wins at the Ninth Great Eastern Open Meet, hosted by Waveney.Owing to holidays, just 15 competitors entered the late summer meet – but all managed some spectacular times and results.

By Debbie Watson


IPSWICH swimmers claimed a series of impressive wins at the Ninth Great Eastern Open Meet, hosted by Waveney.

Owing to holidays, just 15 competitors entered the late summer meet – but all managed some spectacular times and results.

The meet has become a renowned event in the regional calendar, offering a mix of highly competitive individual events, together with a number of scheduled fun relays.

Of the Ipswich ladies taking part, Emma Game was particularly impressive for her club.

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She managed to steal wins in all three of her Open category fresestyle swims – the 100m, 200m and 50m sprint.

Emma beat her own personal best for the latter race, completing the event in a time of 28.47.

Louise Howes also put in some strong performances, grabbing top spot for the 100m butterfly, 100m breastroke and 4x50 individual medley.

For the boys, Matt Paine proved his winning streak at the meet.

He took first place in the 100m freestyle, 100m backstroke and 4x50m individual medley.

Ipswich spokeswoman Karen Keeley said: "Due to holiday commitments and swimmers resting from the Nationals, we only had a small club contingent at this meet.

"However, all those who took part did the club extremely proud, and, as always, Waveney hosted an excellent meet with fun relays and excellent competition."

Ipswich finished second in the Top Visiting Club category on 180 points. In the same category, Basildon and District won with 265 points, and Great Yarmouth came third with 138 points. Overall top club was Waveney with 457 points.

Ipswich Results – Ladies Open Races: Emma Game, 1st 200m freestyle 2.21.02, 100m freestyle heat 1.02.99, final 1st 1.03.16, 50m freestyle heat 28.92, final 1st 28.47 P.B.

Kirsty Paine: 100m butterfly heat 1.12.63, final 2nd 1.10.78, 100m backstroke heat 1.16.32, final 5th 1.16.04, 50m freestyle 9th 31.15, 4 x 50m Ind. Medley 3rd 2.43.09.

Louise Howes: 100m butterfly heat 1.15.50, final 1st 1.08.81, 100m backstroke heat 1.18.49, final 6th 1.19.86, 100m backstroke heat 1.18.49, final 6th 1.19.86, 100m freestyle heat 1.07.32, final 4th 1.06.28, 100m breaststroke heat 1.27.79, final 1st 1.21.00, 100m backstroke heat 1.18.49, final 6th 1.19.86, 50m freestyle heat 30.59, final 5th 30.67, 4 x 50m Ind. Medley 1st 2.37.58.

Men's Open Races: Chris Paine, 2nd 200m freestyle 2.04.60, 100m backstroke heat 1.04.17 and final 1st 1.01.89.

Daniel Cullum: 100m butterfly heat 1.09.20 P.B, final 4th 1.07.47 P.B, 100m freestyle 7th 1.00.87 P.B, 100m backstroke heat 1.11.47 P.B, final 4th 1.11.03 P.B, 50m freestyle 27.50 time only.

10-year-old girls: Deborah Pugh: 50m freestyle 12th 42.82 P.B, 50m backstroke 10th 48.41 P.B, 50m breaststroke 10th 52.62, 50m butterfly 8th 55.26, 4 x 25 Ind. Medley 10th 1.47.75.

11-year-old girls: Amelia Gillingham: 50m freestyle 9th 39.76, 50m backstroke 10th 47.98, 50m breaststroke 14th 55.41.

12-year-old girls: Samantha Berry: 50m backstroke 12th 41.72, 50m breaststroke 12th 49.29, 50m butterfly 7th 39.28 P.B, 50m freestyle heat 32.83 P.B, final 5th 32.38 P.B, 4x 25 Ind Medley 11th 1.28.03 P.B.

Catherine Worsfold: 50m backstroke 10th 39.22 P.B, 50m breaststroke 11th 48.59, 50m butterfly 13th 41.25 P.B, 50m freestyle 13th 37.41 P.B, 4x 25Ind. Medley 10th 1.27.25 P.B.

15-year-old girls: Claire Worsfold: 100m breaststroke 2nd 1.29.40, 100m butterfly 1st 1.13.99, 100m freestyle 7th 1.16.44, 100m backstroke 4th 1.20.35, 4 x 50 Ind. Medley 2nd 2.49.55.

30+ Ladies: Carol Jellings, 50m freestyle 4th 35.05.

13-year-old boys: Michael Pugh: 100m backstroke heat 1.18.58 P.B, final 5th 1.18.31 P.B, 100m breaststroke heat 1.28.46, final 4th 1.26.48, 100m butterfly heat 1.17.53, final 2nd 1.15 96, 100m freestyle 8th 1.07.41, 4 x 50 Ind. Medley 2nd 2.43.59.

14-year-old boys: Simon Cullum: 100m breaststroke 7th 1.41.66 P.B, 100m freestyle heat 1.10.47 P.B, final 6th 1.10.37 P.B.

Tom Hogan: 100m butterfly 1st 1.16.96 P.B, 100m freestyle heat 1.05.00, final 2nd 1.02.17 P.B, 100m backstroke heat 1.14.69, final 2nd 1.12.60, 50m freestyle 17th 28.77, 4 x 50 Ind. Medley2nd 2.40.76 P.B.

Matt Paine: 100m freestyle heat 1.04.40, final 1st 59.90, 100m backstroke heat 1.13.99, final 1st 1.08.47, 50m freestyle 13th 28.01, 4 x 50 Ind. Medley 1st 2.31.71.

15-year-old boys: Sean McNamee: 100m breaststroke 3rd 1.19.42 P.B, 100m butterfly 3rd 1.08.45, 100m backstroke 3rd 1.12.30, 4 x 50 Ind. Medley 2.32.07 P.B.


September 14: Ipswich Challenge Shield at Crown Pools.

October 12: Speedo League – Round 1 at Crown Pools.

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