Twins Kenna and Perry belt up to provide double threat

Kenna and Perry Jordan-Finch who have both completed the Ultimate Black Belt test

Kenna and Perry Jordan-Finch who have both completed the Ultimate Black Belt test

Twins Kenna and Perry Jordan-Finch have completed a gruelling year-long test after completing ‘The Ultimate Black Belt Test’.

The Felixstowe Academy pupils who train at the Defence Academy, based at St Thomas Church on Bramford Lane, Ipswich, have spent the last year or so undergoing a personal transformation, keeping true to the academy’s slogan, “Building a better community, one black belt at a time”.

The duo had to complete 52,000 repetitions of a given exercise, such as push-ups and squats, perform 1,000 repetitions of a martial arts form, read 10 personal development books and complete an event for charity.

The duo completed their practical test on October 3 under the supervision of dad Wayne Jordan (5th Dan) and a guest instructor on the panel.

The twins had to demonstrate all the techniques learned up to Black belt, including the Kata they have worked on for the previous year.

Having completed the test, the girls are now looking for the next challenge of gaining a black belt in the radical new modern day system – Urban Dynamix (UDX).

New classes have started in Ipswich and Wayne Jordan created the system, based on his years training with KFM Top Team, who trained Christian Bale for the role of Batman and Tom Cruise for Jack Reacher.

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