Witches fixture list

The full Ipswich Evening Star Witches fixtures list for the 2003 season, starting on Thursday, March 20.

Ipswich Evening Star Witches 2003 fixtures


Thur 20: Kaparna Ch (h)

Sat 22: Coventry ELA (a)

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Thur 27: Poole ELA (h)

Sat 29: Eastbourne ELA (a)

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Wed 2: Poole ELA (a)

Thur 3: Peterborough BL Cup (h)

Thur 10: Wolverhampton ELA (h)

Sat 12: Rye House BL Cup (a)

Fri 18: Peterborough (h) ELA) 2.30.

Fri 18 Peterborough (a) ELA)

Wed 23: Oxford ELA (a)

Mon 28: Wolverhampton ELA (a)


Thur 1: Eastbourne ELA (h)

Mon 5: Oxford KOC (h) 2.30

Fri 9: Oxford KOC (a)

Mon 12: Coventry ELA (h)

Wed 14: King's Lynn BL Cup (a)

Fri 16: Arena Essex BL Cup (a)

Sat 17: Polish Grand Prix

Mon 19: Belle Vue ELA (a)

Thur 22: Belle Vue ELA (h)

Sat 24 Eastbourne ELB (a)

Mon 26: Coventry ELB (a)

Thur 29: King's Lynn BL Cup (h)

Fri 30: Peterborough BL Cup (a)

Sat 31: Swedish Grand Prix (Stockholm)


Wed 4: Poole ELB (a)

Thur 5: Wolverhampton ELB (h)

Thur 12: Peterborough ELB (h)

Sat 14: Great Britain Grand Prix

Thur 19: 75 Years of Speedway (Ch) (h)

Mon 23: Eastbourne ELB (h)

Mon 30: Belle Vue (ELB) (a)


Mon 7: Wolverhampton ELB (a)

Thur 10: Arena Essex BL Cup (h)

Sat 12: Slovenian Grand Prix

Thur 17: Oxford ELA (h)

Fri 18: Oxford ELB (a)

Mon 21: Peterborough ELB (a)

Thur 24: Poole ELB (h)

Thur 31: Coventry ELB (h)


Thur 14: Belle Vue ELB (h)

Thur 21: Rye House BL Cup (h)

Sat 23: Scandanavian Grand Prix (Gothenburg)

Thur 28: Oxford ELB (h)


Thur 4: reserved

Sat 6: Czech Republic Grand Prix

Thur 11: reserved

Thur 18: reserved

Sat 20: European Grand Prix (Poland)


Sat 4: Norwegian Grand Prix

Key: ELA - Elite League A fixtures. ELB - Elite League B fixture. BL Cup – British League Cup. Ch – Challenge.

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