Worth keeping a low profile

It is a well-accepted fact that normally a water will not give up its fish as readily in a match as it will during casual fishing. The obvious (but not necessarily correct) explanation for this is that before and during a match there is a concerted period of disturbance that clearly will spook the fish – and a spooked fish is unlikely to feed.


It is a well-accepted fact that normally a water will not give up its fish as readily in a match as it will during casual fishing. The obvious (but not necessarily correct) explanation for this is that before and during a match there is a concerted period of disturbance that clearly will spook the fish – and a spooked fish is unlikely to feed.

This disturbance arises primarily because of the casualness (ignorance?) of the anglers. Car doors slam, feet stamp along the banks, shouts ring across the water, keepnets and groundbait balls crash into swims and anglers stand and move close to the water.

And this is not just by one or two people but also by a whole crowd all round the lake or along the riverbank. Really it is not surprising that the fish become restless and know something is up. They are wild creatures for goodness sake.

What so many anglers do not seem to accept or understand is that fish have excellent powers of detecting possible dangers – let's face it their survival depends upon them. Because light is 'bent' when it enters water things low on the bank appear much higher when viewed by fish, which is why anglers who stalk are always at pains to crawl.

Some anglers always wear dark or camouflaged clothing, which is sensible if they are going to have that sort of background but if they are going to be silhouetted against the sky they would be, better off wearing light coloured gear.

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Sound travels much further and faster beneath the surface so heavy footsteps and loud voices are picked up by the fish much more readily than most anglers imagine. The most sensible approach is to make a habit of being as quiet and inconspicuous as possible whenever you are fishing and at matches to encourage others to do the same.



The past week on the Big Fish Lake has continued in top form with in excess of 15 carp between mid to upper doubles and mid twenties being caught. Carp have been showing in all areas of the shallows with plenty of carp falling to pop up and bottom baits in weeded areas.

Anglers Jerry Clay with a 17 lb. 13 oz. and 14 lb. 0 oz. mirror carp, Dave Fry with an 18 lb. and 18lb. 8 oz. mirror carp, Mark Ball and other regulars all landing carp to upper doubles.

On the same complex the Canal is fishing its best ever with Mr. Miller catching a 5 lb. bream, plenty of small carp, roach, rudd, tench and bream all falling to pole fished maggots, sweetcorn and worm.

The traditional Lake is again producing good catches of quality fish including Ray Darnell catching 11 bream to 3 lb., four bream to 5 lb. and one bream between 6 and 7 lb. All fish being caught between 1000hrs and 1530hrs.

Results of the Junior matches recently held are as follows.

Under 14's Match fished on the Canal on the 13th August 2002.  1st. Grant Canham  6 lb. 14 oz.   2nd.  Joel Mumby  6 lb. 5 oz.   3rd. Jasmin Cornforth  5 lb. 3 oz.  4th. Sam Taylor                    4 lb. 4oz.   Joint 5th. Harvey Yallop and Ashley Copland  2 lb. 4 oz.  7th. Carl Koster                    2 lb. 2¼ oz.   8th. Jake Wooding 1 lb. 14 oz.   Joint 9th. Luke Holland and Gareth White 2 lb. 1oz.   Joint 10 th. Jamie Smith  and Harrison Knight 1 lb. 10 oz.

Under 17's Match fished on the Canal on 15th August 2002

1st. David Smith  9 lb. 14 oz.   2nd.   Alex Reynolds 6 lb. 10 oz. 3rd. Sam  Taylor 5 lb. 9 oz.  4th. Arron Rose 5 lb. 6 oz.  5th. Chad Harvey 3 lb. 12 oz. 6th. Andy Sewell 3 lb. 6 oz. 7th. Ashley Copland  3 lb. 0 oz. 8th. Stuart Clarke 2 lb. 8 oz. 9th. Scott McDowell 2 lb. 7 oz. 10th. Paul Burton 2 lb. 2 oz.  11th. Sean Spratt 1 lb. oz.

Saturday 31st August 2002 Open Match at Suffolk Water Park, £10 pools (Optional Super pools extra), and draw 8.30 am. Fish 10.30 am to 14.30. Names to Suffolk Water Park or Vince Morgan on 01473 747263.



The annual 'Always Heating' match organised by Shaun Plumb proved to be a very enjoyable and productive day (Saturday 11 August). Not only did the bream oblige but most anglers also managed to find some very welcome roach and perch.

Shaun caught eight bream with a good mixed backing weight to finish second overall with 40 lb. 5 oz. The winner, however, was Donny Ralph, fishing the Pine Point area, and landing 48 lb. 15 oz. Worm and maggot proved the winning combination.

The full result was:  1st.Donny Ralph 48lb. 15oz.   2nd. Shaun Plumb 40 lb. 5 oz. 3rd. Steve Gentry 24lb. 8oz. and  4th.       Vic Taylor 15 lb.            10 oz.

On the Sunday all boats were out pike fishing and the good sport of recent weeks continued. Rob Nunn from Colchester had four fish with the biggest two being 18lb. and 19lb. Chris Simms landed three pike of 8lb., 10lb., and 14lb.  A fourth boat is expected to be available from the end of the month to help meet demand. Bookings please (these boats are not self-service) on 01206 230642.



            Last week's Over 60's/disabled get together was held at Middle Reservoir and as usual at this venue everyone caught fish but it was those anglers who were able to put together several of the larger varieties who came out on top.

Ron Hubbard put his knowledge of the water to good use and filled the winning position with 19 lb. 8 oz. of bream and skimmers. Malcolm Pryke had 17 lb. 12 oz. for second place and Jack Wetherill was third with 16 lb. 6 oz. In total nearly 150 lb. of fish was caught.



            Causeway Lake was chosen to be the venue of the David Robinson Shield match last week for the OAP's group but it proved to be no better than previous waters with 14 anglers fishing to return a total weight of only 19 lb., five anglers blanking.

            Winner Fred Evenett had two bream for 9 lb. 5 oz., runner up Barry Andrews included a tench which weighed all except 1 oz. of his 4 lb. 7 oz. and Reg Airey was third with 1 lb. 6½ oz. of 'bits'.

            The group wishes to relay its sincere condolences to stalwart Ron Balls on the loss of his wife and hopes to see him back in the fold as soon as possible.



Our teach-ins continue through the school holidays and the top weights on 14th August came from James Gibson and Kieron Pointon. Newcomer Tom Winkworth managed to put a few fish in the net also and Rachel Clarke is doing her best to beat the boys at what used to be their own game. Our chairman wishes to convey thanks to the Geers GVAC youth squad members for their help and to Hudson Signs for providing the silverware.

On Sunday 18th August ten of the GVAC's finest assembled at Suffolk Water Park to fish the second of a three-match series, the latest venue being the Park's Canal stretch. Third place on the day went to Bob Gunn with a weight of 15 lb. 7 oz. and this result puts him in the driving seat for the final leg.

Match organisers Phil Slee and Mark Brewster took the last two numbers in the bag and after 5 hour's competition on adjacent pegs Mark had edged Phil out by only 5 oz. putting 18 lb. 6oz. of mainly small carp on the scales.

Total weight was over 110 lb. in a match fished through a couple of heavy downpours. We thank Suffolk Water Park for their hospitality and do not hold them responsible for the weather.



            We recently held an event on Manor farm Lakes, Battisford, courtesy of the Gipping Valley AC. The weather was blisteringly hot and catches were expected to be low but how wrong we were.

            Right from the very first bait entering the water fish were caught throughout the day with catches well into double figures. There are some 13 different species stocked in these waters and it was good to see most of these being landed.

            Although the site does not have stocks of large fish because of its newness it was the last fish of the day that proved the biggest, a tench of about 3 lb. landed by member Nick Mair

Thanks to all helpers who helped make this event another success. Next trip to Battisford is on Tuesday September 3rd at 10am. For further information contact Ian Wood on 01473 403098.


SPORTS EDITOR : first picture this week is of Keith John with the 35 lb. 14 oz. mirror carp caught at Suffolk Water Park and reported last week. The second picture is of Nick Mair, a Suffolk Disabled Anglers Forum member, with a 3 lb. tench as reported in the text.