10 reasons why your business should join the Pigs Gone Wild art trail coming to Ipswich this summer

Pigs Gone Wild pigs meet some real pigs at Jimmys Farm along with sponsors

Pigs Gone Wild pigs meet some real pigs at Jimmys Farm along with sponsors

This summer Facebook, twitter and Instagram will be awash with photos of brightly-coloured giant pigs as families taking part in the Pigs Gone Wild trail proudly post selfies with their latest finds.

Pigs Gone Wild pigs meet some real pigs at Jimmys Farm along with sponsors

Pigs Gone Wild pigs meet some real pigs at Jimmys Farm along with sponsors

More than 40 of the larger-than-life porcine pigs will be located around Ipswich by organisers St Elizabeth Hospice and Wild in Art, each one sponsored by a local business or organisation.

Ashton KCJ, Ipswich Building Society, the Ipswich Star and East Anglian Daily Times and Town 102 are already on board, and have now selected their chosen design for their adoptive pigs - but there is still time for your company to get involved.

Here project manager Norman Lloyd sets out 10 reasons why you should sponsor a pig.

Pigs Gone Wild pigs meet some real pigs at Jimmys Farm along with sponsors

Pigs Gone Wild pigs meet some real pigs at Jimmys Farm along with sponsors

Because people will see your pig - and your branding

When people set out on the trail, they might set themselves a target of seeing 10, 15 or possibly half of the pigs, but as they start ticking them off, the addiction takes over.

“People will want to see all of them,” said Mr Lloyd.

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Children, in particular, will be keen to collect the full set, meaning they will pester their parents to take them around the whole trail - so yours will be seen.

Because it will help you reach a completely new audience

Visitors to Suffolk, families, young people and art enthusiasts are all likely to pick up a map and head out on the trail - and in doing so, they will discover more about your business.

“It could help you capture a new audience,” said Mr Lloyd. “This is an opportunity to get the message out to new customers who may otherwise be completely unaware that your company exists.”

Because it will drive traffic to your website - and your business

An app is being developed for the project and as part of that, a QR code will be stamped on each of the pigs. Visitors can scan the code and, as a sponsor, you can decide where that takes people.

“You can use this tangible benefit to drive business,” said Mr Lloyd.

“You could send them to a special offer only available to those who have located your pig. You could take them to your website, or a page that tells them more about your company. It could give details of employment opportunities or the services you offer.”

Because it could bring new customers right to your door

Your pig could be positioned close to your shop or restaurant, so would-be customers will quite literally be beating a path to your door.

Use your QR code to offer a half price drink with every cake purchased, or a discount and you could make it impossible for them resist popping in.

Footfall will increase and you could convert your new found fans into long-term customers.

Because you will be linked to a forward-thinking art scheme that will be the talk of Suffolk

“This will be the biggest art event Suffolk has ever seen, it will bring thousands of people and millions of pounds to the county,” said Mr Lloyd.

“Companies have a lot to gain by being associated with this project.”

Because it will boost the local economy

Even if your business does not benefit directly, your support will bring extra visitors to the town and extra money.

The town will be livelier over the summer months and the local economy will receive a welcome boost, meaning the whole community benefits in the longer term.

Because it could help boost staff morale

When business isn’t doing particularly well, sponsoring a pig may not seem like the most effective use of funds, but Mr Lloyd believes it could help boost morale.

“This is a fun thing to get involved in,” he said. “Your staff will feel they are part of something big, and you could even organise a fundraising event together to help pay for it.”

Because you will regret not getting involved

When the GoGo Gorillas scheme was launched in Norwich back in 2013, East Anglian-based solicitors Ashton KCJ failed to see the benefits.

“We made a mistake,” they have since confessed. They revealed they were envious of other business who had had the fore-thought to get involved and were reaping the rewards.

So when Wild in Art returned last year, bosses were ready and waiting, and they were among the first to sponsor a pig in Ipswich.

Because you can have lots of fun with your pig

In Norwich, a sticker album was created to accompany the Dragon trail last year and in Colchester giraffes were dangled from the Jumbo building, businesses have organised themed open days on the back of the project and developed the character of their chosen sculpture, even creating social media accounts for them.

The activities all generate media attention for your pig and your business.

And, most importantly, because it is for charity

Sponsoring a pig will not only make a difference to your business but also a hospice patient, and their family.

“There is someone within every business in the county who has a connection with the hospice,” said Mr Lloyd. “This is your chance to support the hospice and the care we offer.”

At the end of the scheme, the pigs will be auctioned off, with the hope of raising tens of thousands for St Elizabeth Hospice.

For more information on sponsoring a pig, contact Norman Lloyd via email or call 01473 707015 ext 208.

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