11 ideas to entertain the kids this weekend from rainbow trail mum Crystal

Crystal Stanley, who founded the rainbow trail in Ipswich and her daughter Arianna, are going to be

Crystal Stanley and her daughter, Ariana, taking part in a fancy dress day. Miss Stanley, who created the rainbow trail in Ipswich, has come up with some fun ideas for weekend lockdown activities - Credit: Archant

What activities can you do with the children at the weekend? Ipswich mum Crystal Stanley, who founded the rainbow trail during the first lockdown, has helped us put together some ideas for lockdown 3.

With children currently being educated at home while schools are closed, it can be difficult to ensure the weekend feels different from week days. But there are still plenty of good ways to keep the family entertained, both indoors and in the garden or during daily walks.

Miss Stanley said: "The ideas are all fairly easy and cover most ages, and parents should enjoy them too. It will help people take their mind off things."

Crystal Stanley, who founded the rainbow trail in Ipswich and her daughter Ariana decided to have a

Crystal Stanley and her daughter, Ariana, from Ipswich, taking part in a fancy dress day. - Credit: Archant

Make a rainbow: Miss Stanley said: "I am going to have to suggest making a rainbow, of course. Children can use anything they choose, such as chalk, paint etc."

She came up with the idea of the rainbow trail for local mums in spring last year,  to give youngsters something to spot on their daily walks, as households created their own rainbows and posted them in windows. The idea caught on nationally and became a symbol of hope.

Create a natural picture: Another idea of Miss Stanley's is to create a picture to use natural resources such as sticks and leaves. She said: "If children go on a daily exercise walk, they could collect items to take home with them."

Princess or superhero day: Your child can put on fancy dress and try activities such as colouring or designing their own princess or superhero. Other fancy dress is fun too, and the rainbow trail kept spirits up with a fancy dress contest last year.

Try baking or cooking activities: There are many simple recipes online, and Junior Bake Off is also about to start a new series which could provide some inspiration. 

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Create a 2021 jar: This is an unusual idea suggested by Miss Stanley. She said: "Children could decorate a jar for 2021, to place pieces of paper in it with positive things that have happened throughout the year.

Go on bug hunts: You can do this in your garden or near your home, and could also make a bug house. 

Movie night with popcorn: Although we can't go out to the cinema at the moment, you can make watching a film into a special occasion at home.

Upcycle and recycle: Upcycle old furniture with decoupage or paint. You can also use recycled items like cardboard and boxes to make something like a robot, or create other models.

Rainy day fun: Put on wellies and children can enjoy puddle jumping, or rainy day walks on wet days.

Potions: Make mocktails or potions. This could especially appeal to Harry Potter fans. 

Experiments: Children can also do a volcano experiment with bicarb of soda and vinegar, under adult supervision of course. There are instructions on various websites including the CBeebies website.

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