A little Slap and Tickle gets Squeeze out of a pickle at the Ipswich Regent

Chris Difford and Glenn Tillbrook of Squeeze. Photo: Danny Clifford

Chris Difford and Glenn Tillbrook of Squeeze. Photo: Danny Clifford - Credit: Danny Clifford

An almost capacity crowd at the Ipswich Regent enjoyed the sounds of Squeeze last night.

The band, who formed in 1974, started well, opening with a couple of tracks from their latest album Cradle to the Grave and hit Is That Love to ease the crowd in.

However, it was not until halfway through the concert that the crowd, and the band themselves really got going.

Despite being lead by the impeccable Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford, it was clear those in the audience wanted to hear the older songs.

That’s not to say that what was played was bad, because it wasn’t.

However, as soon as Slap and Tickle started, the audience really got into it.

Followed by popular hits including Tempted, Pulling Mussels (From the Shell) and Up the Junction, along with the theme song to BBC sitcom Cradle to the Grave left everyone wanting more as they left the stage.

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Shortly after they were back, and played their single Happy Days, Cool for Cats and finishing with Take Me I’m Yours, the crowd was whipped up into a frenzy as all band members but Tilbrook ended up playing in the crowd as they made their way to the foyer.

Despite a slow start, Squeeze proved they can still get a crowd going.

Review by Callum Maclean