From Jeremy Kyle to First Dates - could you be a TV star in 2019?

Applications are open for First Dates Hotel and other popular shows. Picture: CHANNEL 4

Applications are open for First Dates Hotel and other popular shows. Picture: CHANNEL 4 - Credit: C4

If you are looking for love, in need of a cash boost or have a relationship dilemma, why not apply for one of these TV programmes.

Applications for The Circle are open now Picture: C4

Applications for The Circle are open now Picture: C4 - Credit: C4

The Jeremy Kyle Show

Do you know a couple which could benefit from Jeremy Kyle’s help?

Perhaps there is someone in your life who you would like to put through the lie detector test - well here is your chance.

Applications to appear on the popular ITV show are currently open with an array of options available.

If your problem could benefit from a DNA test you can sign up by calling Betsy on 0161 952 0523.

If it’s the dreaded lie detector you require you are asked to call Natasha on 0161 952 1041.

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Maybe a family feud is getting you down, to see if Jeremy can make peace you will need to call Mia on 0161 952 1036.

There are several options you can pick from and apply for by clicking here.

Applicants must be aged 16 or over. If you are aged between 16 and 18 years old, parental consent and/or accompaniment by a parent or guardian may be required for any participation in the programme.

First Dates and First Dates Hotel

If you are fed up of being single this award winning TV show could change that.

Channel 4’s dating series First Dates and First Dates Hotel are on the look out for singletons searching for love.

First Dates is set in London’s Paternoster Chop House and sees Fred Sirieix greeting soulmate seekers before their date.

The show plays cupid and matches you up with someone who fits the description of your ideal partner.

You then enjoy a three-course meal while you get to know your date.

First Dates Hotel works similarly however those looking for love pack their bags and fly to Italy for a break of a life time with their supposed perfect match. You can apply for the shows here.

Love Island

Sign up for a summer of romance in the extremely popular Love Island villa. Singletons can spend up to eight weeks in sunny Mallorca while they get to know their fellow Love Islanders and work out who they would like to couple up with. Contestants get treated to dates, take part in competitions, and gets introduced to newbies.

Last year, Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham won the competition after they fell head over heels for each other.

The happy couple are still together and are a massive success story, since leaving the show they have created their own clothing range, got sponsored by the hottest labels, and jet-setted all over the globe.

What is stopping you from being one half of the match made in heaven for 2019? You can apply here.

The Circle

You could find yourself 100k richer by taking part in this reality TV show where you don’t necessarily need to meet another person.

Contestants of The Circle live in the same building but in separate flats and communicate by a social media platform.

The idea of the show is to try and be the most popular in the group by using your social media profile however, the profile doesn’t have to be you. Applicants can use someone else’s pictures and pretend to be someone else to try and fool the others.

There will be games, surprises, and twists. Fill out the application form here.

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