BB house welcomes 3 new housemates

A “SEXY EXECUTIVE PA” has become the first Australian to enter the British Big Brother house.

A “SEXY EXECUTIVE PA” has become the first Australian to enter the British Big Brother house.

Sara, 27, who works for music TV station MTV, moved to London five years ago on a whim.

She is one of three new female housemates who joined the Channel 4 show tonight.

The others are a 44-year-old theatre director with two children, and a 28-year-old model.

Housemates have been speculating about whether newcomers will join them following the producers' decision to throw out Alexandra De Gale and dance teacher Dennis McHugh.


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SARA, 27, from London, originally from Australia

The executive PA says she is the loudest person in the office and that the show needs an Australian to mix up the “reserved and shy Brits”.

She has never been in love or had a significant relationship.

Big muscles do nothing for her and she goes for men who look like they are in a band.

Sara left home at 16, when she was the “archetypal teenager from hell”.

Her life philosophy is to take every day as it comes.

BELINDA, 44, a theatre director from Exeter.

Mother-of-two Belinda was raised in East Africa.

She has a BA in jazz voice and vocal performance, and can play the clarinet and piano.

She performed at Glastonbury with a theatre company and has appeared naked on stage.

The Green voter is married and home-schooled her two children.

MAYSOON, 28, a model and beautician from Hertfordshire

Maysoon speaks fluent Arabic and is a Muslim and has appeared in Sean Paul and Simon Webbe's music videos.

She says: “I think more people should try being nice, have respect, and treat others how they want to be treated.”

She shuttles between her mother's, father's, sister's and her ex's homes and dreams of having a place of her own.

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