Chuckle Brothers show was pure magic

The Chuckle Brothers in Barry Potty and His Full Blood Brother Paul, Spa Pavilion, Felixstowe, February 26

THE Chuckle Brothers conjured up a truly magical family show last Saturday.

Packed with laughs and gasps for the large audience at the Spa, the two brothers and their regular cast members delivered an excellent slapstick show and great magical treat.

The story followed Barry and Paul as they enrolled in the Pigspots School of Magic with headteacher Professor Bumblebore.

Hilarious interplay between the Chuckle Brothers and regular cast member Jimmy Patton as the Professor entertained both adults and children alike.

Humorous word play and physical jokes kept the audience laughing continuously – I can’t believe how much my children laughed at the hidden magical globe in Paul’s trousers!

The show’s magical presentation came from pupils Harmony and Harris (Jayne and Stuart Loughland). They wowed the crowd with amazing disappearing tricks and an escapology routine that left Barry and Paul on the stage in their place. Excellent additions to the show.

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There was lots of audience participation, with classic Chuckle Brother catchphrases requiring audience reaction and plenty of water flying off the stage and into the crowd.

The very long queue of children patiently waiting to meet the brothers after the finale highlights how much these guys continue to deliver quality family shows. Seeing a few of the parents were keen to get in the photos with the duo too, I can see this show continuing to be popular for more years to come!