Artist sweetens the pill with disco balls and steel prints


Shauna Cribbin Little Bit of Sugar runs at The Bomb Factory Art Foundation in Islington this month - Credit: Courtesy of the artist

London artist Shauna Cribbin has a studio at Islington's Bomb Factory where she holds her debut solo show this month.

Her large scale steel screen prints and tire disco ball sculptures go under the title Little Bit of Sugar, which springs from sociology academic Lisa McKenzie's book on austerity Britain Getting By: 'The Gucci sunglasses gave her value, but also a bit of comfort- they were the bit of sugar in her tea.'

Shauna Cribbin

Shauna Cribbin exhibits at The Bomb Factory in Islington - Credit: Courtesy of the artist

Running from September 19 at the Art Foundation in Boothby Road, the works explore themes of escapism, aspiration and hope for working-class women - as well as class divisions and notions of value and taste.

Mckenzie’s book has been a major influence on the artist, whose use of bitmap and rhinestone pixels in surfaces that are in continual flux are a "love letter to women settling for more; more power, more love, more jewellery."

Shauna Cribbin exhibits at The Bomb Factory

Shauna Cribbin exhibits at The Bomb Factory - Credit: Courtesy of the artist

The 24-year-old is a recent graduate from The Slade School and University College London and takes inspiration from women who work in service of their desires and have the strength and resourcefulness to be "who they are whether others like it or not".

September 18 until October 2 at The Bomb Factory Art Foundation.

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