First look at full schedule for Sound City Ipswich music festival

Swimsuit Competition performing at Sound City Ipswich 2019

The full line-up and schedule has been released for Sound City Ipswich - Credit: PHILLIP CHARLES

The full line-up for this autumn's two-day Sound City festival in Ipswich has been announced.

People attending will have the chance to listen to 60 bands and solo performers during the event, which runs from October 1-2 and includes a wealth of national and local talent.

Sound City will present a hand-picked multicultural mix of upcoming and established bands and includes an industry conference on the Friday.

Its venues around the town are set to include the iconic Baths Hall, which is set to stage gigs once again.

Sound City Ipswich programmer and director Marcus Neal said: ‘I’m really pleased with the line-up we’ve been able to put together for this year. It surely must be one of the most diverse bills of any festival around.

"There’s a great diversity that is bound to have something to please pretty much anyone with a genuine interest in new music.

"We also have a strong gender ratio, over half the acts have female representation.

"Our aim is to firmly re-establish Ipswich as a centre for live music.

"We want to change people’s perceptions of the town and continue to build audiences and all these brilliant artists and the five outstanding venues are will really help us in this goal."

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The Ipswich Star is pleased to be a media partner for the Sound City event.

To book tickets, visit the festival website.

The full line-up is as follows:

Friday, October 1

The Corn Exchange

The Cornhill stage for Sound City Ipswich 2019.

The Corn Exchange is the festival's biggest venue - Credit: Philip Charles

6.10pm-6.40pm: Pom Poko

7pm-7.30pm: Big Joanie 

7.50pm-8.30pm Porridge Radio

9pm-9.50pm: BC Camplight

10.10pm-11pm: Warmduscher

BC Camplight

BC Camplight is performing at Sound City Ipswich in 2021 - Credit: Progressive Artists

The Baths

5.20pm-5.50pm: Lynks

6.10pm-6.40pm: bdrmm

7pm-7.30pm: Katy J Pearson

7.50pm-8.20pm: TrueMendous

8.40pm-9.20pm: Yard Act

9.40pm-10.25pm: Marlowe

10.25pm: Finish DJs

St Stephen’s Church

5.50pm-6.20pm: Fräulein

6.40pm-7.10pm: Sarpa Salpa 

7.30pm-8pm: Joe and The S*** Boys

8.20pm-8.50pm: Parris Robbo

9.10pm-9.40pm: Los Bitchos

10pm-10.50pm: Chubby and The Gang

11pm:Finish DJs

The Smokehouse

7pm-7.30pm: Pinty

8.15pm-8.45pm: Sink Ya Teeth

9.15pm-10pm: The Goa Express

The Cornhill

1.30pm-2pm: Red Wine Talk

2.20pm-2.50pm: Leon O'Leary

3.10pm-3.40pm: Archy Tomas

4pm-4.30pm: Lili Caseley

5pm-5.30pm: Caswell

5.50pm-6.20pm: Soundscape Green

6.40pm-7.10pm: Reno & Rome

7.30pm-8pm: The Baskervilles

8.20pm-8.50pm: Kyanos

Saturday, October 2

The Corn Exchange

5.15pm-5.45pm: Falle Nioke

6.05pm-6.35pm: Pregoblin

Billie Marten

Billie Maten is performing at Sound City Ipswich in 2021 - Credit: Katie Silvester

6.55pm-7.25pm: Billie Marten

7.45pm-8.30pm: Alabaster DePlume

9pm-9.30pm: Oscar #Worldpeace

10pm-10.50pm: Working Men’s Club

Crowds at the Corn Exchange for Sound City Ipswich

Corn exchange crowds at Sound City Ipswich in 2019 - Credit: Stuart Gilson


The Baths

3.25pm-3.55pm: Our Quiet Friends

4.15pm-4.45pm: Anorak Patch

5.05pm-5.35pm: Monster Florence

5.55pm-6.45pm: Ren Harvieu

6.45pm-7.15pm: Ebi Soda

7.35pm-8.05pm: Goya Gumbani

8.35pm-8.55pm: Narst

9.15pm-9.45pm: Jelani Blackman

10.05pm-10.50pm: Billy Nomates

11pm-12.30am: Tom Ravenscroft

12.30am: Finish DJs 

St Stephen’s Church

2.20pm-2.40pm: Georgie

3pm-3.30pm: Ayo

Ipswich-raised rapper Ayo, who is performing at Sound City Ipswich 2021. Picture: AYO

Ipswich-raised rapper Ayo, who is performing at Sound City Ipswich this autumn - Credit: AYO

3.50pm-4.20pm: She's in Parties

4.40pm-5.10pm: Bug Teeth

5.30pm-6pm: Floral Image

6.20pm-6.50pm: Deep Tan

7.10pm-7.40pm: Khazali

8pm-8.30pm: Grove

8.50pm-9.20pm: TV Priest

9.40pm-10.10pm: The Cool Greenhouse   

10.30pm-11pm: PVA

11pm: Finish DJs 

The Smokehouse

7pm-7.30pm: Roscoe Roscoe

8.15pm-8.45pm: Holiday Ghosts

9.15pm-10pm: White Flowers  

The Cornhill

1.10pm-1.40pm: The Marajanovic

2pm-2.30pm: Oliver Say

2.50pm-3.20pm: Alysha Ramos

3.40pm-4.10pm: Gabby Rivers

4.30pm-5pm: Native James

5.20pm-5.50pm Brayden Jay

6.10pm-6.40pm: Young Max

7pm-7.30pm: Damp Matches

7.50pm-8.20pm: Sophie Mahon

8.40pm-9.10pm: Fishclaw