Spill Festival’s Here’s to Tomorrow dazzles with energetic space-themed show

Four young actors dressed in all white on a bus decorated with a space theme

The intergalactic tour guides that took audiences through space and time - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

Intergalactic tour guides and a series of energetic performances – this was what was offered at Spill Festival’s Here’s to Tomorrow. 

I was unsure of what to expect of Spill Festival’s Here’s to Tomorrow performance as I dashed for my spaceship bus.  

When I arrived at Tower Ramparts Bus station, I was searching for the special bus that would transport me and my fellow passengers on a journey through space and time.  

But then I spotted it.  

On the outside, it looked like any other double decker bus, but the inside was a completely different story.  

The interior was enveloped in brightly coloured window covers with stars, planets and astronauts cut out - revealing the world that we would soon be leaving behind.     

The bus was decorated in brightly coloured window art that had space shapes cut out

The spaceship bus was decorated in brightly coloured window art - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

As I reached the top deck of the bus, I was met with two intergalactic tour guides who both dazzled in all white costumes. At the helm of the top deck was a control panel that destined to take us on a sight-seeing journey across space. 

Our energetic tour guides welcomed us and gave us our safety instructions in the unlikely event of a crash and then we were off.  

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The aliens chatted to us and pointed out the important planets that we could not miss. And they seemed quite fascinated by us earthlings and the small matter of the fact that we have ears.  

Two spill young curators Alice Thomas and Alex Harden outside the spaceship bus

Two of the Spill young curators Alice Thomas and Alex Harden - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

As the bus bumped and ebbed on its journey, our alien tour guides danced and moved through the aisle engaging all that were on board. 

We soon arrived at Ipswich Waterfront where we departed from our spacecraft and set off in the direction of an inflatable structure. The inside was lit up with colourful lights and the ceiling was awash with a vibrant design.

A brightly coloured design projected on the roof of an inflatable structure

The design on the roof of the inflatable structure located on Ipswich Waterfront - Credit: Tamika Green

Esme Emerson Band, a sibling musical duo performed first, accompanied by dancers Maya Inniss and Charlotte Watson in an emotional dance choreographed by young Spill curator, Katy Squirrell.  

Tiah Jean’s performance saw a bluesy cover of Seven Nation Army and then rapper Ryski and dancer Khushi Srivastava blended an urban sound with classical Indian and Bollywood dancing.  

Two dancers embracing while a band performs

Dancers Maya Inniss and Charlotte Watson - Credit: Tamika Green

Rapper Ryski performing with Bollywood dancer Khushi Srivastava

Khushi Srivastava and rapper, Ryski performing together - Credit: Tamika Green

Here’s to Tomorrow was a spectacle of energetic performances that wowed audiences and left us in awe of the talent of Suffolk young people. 

Spill Festival runs until Sunday and find out more about upcoming events here

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