Young curators plan mysterious space-themed show for Spill Festival

Headshots of the four young curators

These Spill Young Curators have created a performance entitled Here's to Tomorrow set for Spill Festival later this month. From left to right Alex Harden; Alice Thomas; Katie Squirrell; Joshua Scrivener - Credit: Alex Harden/ Dan Thomas/ Katie Squirrell/ Joshua Scrivener

Four Suffolk young people have created a mysterious show ‘detached from reality’ for Spill Festival later this month. 

Alice Thomas, Joshua Scrivener, Alex Harden and Katie Squirrell are the young curators behind Here’s to Tomorrow, an exciting show which is set for Spill Festival later in the month.  

The show, which has been kept a secret deliberately, will take place on October 28 and will include a spaceship bus journey to a mystery Ipswich location.  

Katie Squirrell, 17, explained that this performance is going to be like "nothing you’ve ever seen before".  

She said: “It’s an adventure through space. Essentially the audience will get on a bus at Tower Ramparts and be taken to a mystery location which will be very cool and very exciting.  

“It’s almost deliberately detached from reality which is why we went for the space setting because we wanted to give people the opportunity to completely step out of their normal life.  

A photo of 17-year-old Katie Squirrell

17 year-old Katie Squirrell is one of Spill Festival's Young Curators - Credit: Katie Squirrell

“You will not be thinking about what you’re having for dinner during this performance because it’s just so out there."

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The show will be a hybrid of live performance and theatre, and will include young artists from around Suffolk. There will also be dancers and musicians set for the performance.  

Alice Thomas, 18, said the performance has been a collaborative effort, showcasing the talent of local young people. 

She said: “The bus has been decorated by the University of Suffolk fine art students. And we’ve hired some local young people to be the tour guides on the bus. They’re wearing costumes designed by a student at Suffolk One. 

“One of the things we’re passionate about is being allowed to be a kid again and have fun. I think that’s what we’ve done.

Photo of 18-year-old Alice Thomas

Alice Thomas,18, explains the performance will showcase local young talent - Credit: Dan Thomas

"We’ve been given so many resources like the bus and all this opportunity to make whatever we want." 

Although the show is set in a space environment, there are still everyday themes that people can relate to. Katie explained that a dance she choreographed is about human relationships. 

She said: “There is choreography that I’ve made with a couple of very talented young dancers in it. It’s all about human relationships and two people really connecting which is something quite prevalent after Covid.” 

The show will take place on October 28 and will depart from Tower Ramparts Bus Station.

For more information about Here’s to Tomorrow see here.

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