‘It has been amazing’ - former Ipswich student Osborne on his dance hit success

Recording artist Osborne (full name Richard Osborne) who has had an internet hit with Complete Pictu

Recording artist Osborne (full name Richard Osborne) who has had an internet hit with Complete Picture: TOM DRINKWATER - Credit: Tom Drinkwater

Ipswich singer/songwriter Richard Osborne - who records under his surname - Osborne, has a worldwide hit on his hands with his debut dance single.

Osborne’s song Complete (Lucky Rose Remix), has been streamed more than 2.3 million times so far, including 1.5m on Spotify.

The former Claydon High School student released the original version of the single released last September and it went largely unnoticed until renowned Canada-based DJ/producer Lucky Rose got involved.

“We worked together on it,” he said.

Osborne said: “It has been amazing. I sent my demo track to Lucky Rose in Canada and he came back with the re-mix.

“In March/April it was being streamed 1,000 times a day. Now it is up to about 25,000 a day and on 25,000 different playlists.

“Spotify is the really big one.”

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The success has come at an ideal time for Osborne. He is now concentrating on his music full time, rather than looking for a day job,”I have always worked.”

He added: “I am working with some people locally and also with some in France. I am hoping to go out there next year and do some writing and production, including some of my own songs.

”I am busy writing new material for other people, and getting material ready for my album.”

The signer is also planning to release a follow-up single, Feel The Same.

Music runs in the veins in the Osborne family.

“My dad David Osborne is a bass player with his own band in Essex, and he has always encouraged me,” said Osborne.

“I started in music eight years ago. I was into R&B and pop, now it is more electro, house and dance.

“I write the songs, and the vocals are mine too. I work at home and go into local recording studios.”

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