WATCH: Our verdict on Ipswich chip shop’s battered Creme Egg

What do you think about the battered Creme Egg? Picture: MEGAN ALDOUS

What do you think about the battered Creme Egg? Picture: MEGAN ALDOUS - Credit: Archant

An award-winning fish and chip shop is getting into the Easter spirit by adding deep fried battered Creme Eggs to its menu.

Nacton Road Fish Bar has been entertaining customers with the sweet treat for just under four weeks, saying they have proven to be a big success.

Rav Phagura, the shop’s owner, said: “We have already sold more than 50, in the first week alone we sold about 30.”

However, this is not the only unusual battered option on the menu - the store also batters pizza, crab sticks and Mars bars.

Fresh from the oven, a golden battered Creme Egg. Picture: MEGAN ALDOUS

Fresh from the oven, a golden battered Creme Egg. Picture: MEGAN ALDOUS - Credit: Archant

Lewis Minter, an employee at the fish bar, said: “People have a sweet tooth so we need to keep up with that.

“You’re missing out if you don’t try it. They are incredible, or should I say egg-cellent.

The gooey golden egg can be bought for 99p and can be whipped up in just 30secs.

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Rav Phagura added: “We decided to start frying them when we heard about how Cadbury has hidden a special white chocolate egg.

“If you find the egg you get £10,000, so I thought if we buy loads and fry them we will have more of a chance of finding it.

“If we were to find it we would give the money to East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH).”

The shop is planning on stocking up on Creme Eggs so staff can offer this dessert all year round.

Workers are hoping to batter a Cadbury Caramel Egg next.

Easter can seem like the perfect egg-cuse to indulge in sugary treats - however health and fitness expert Luke Hall reminded people us to eat in moderation.

He said: “Easter is a time where it is widely excepted to over-indulge yourself and your children with chocolate.

“Whilst celebrations and treating yourselves are important, we must remember to be conscious of our overall health and future repercussions.

“The NHS recommends that children should have a maximum of 18-24 grams of added sugar per day.

“Usually, in just one Easter egg, even the small ones, there is significantly more than that.

“So if you’re planning on giving loved ones chocolate eggs this year, please be sure they eat them in moderation over the span of a few months, because you‘ll largely help reduce their risk of diabetes and weight gain which are key rising problems amongst children today.

“Have fun and enjoy the treats, family time and celebrations but just keep an eye on your egg count.”

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