Do you recognise anyone in this photo taken at Holbrook Primary School in the 1950s?

Anne Humphreys VanDalinda is the child in the centre - do you recognise any of her former classmates

Anne Humphreys VanDalinda is the child in the centre - do you recognise any of her former classmates? - Credit: Archant

A former Holbrook Primary School pupil has shared an old photo of her and her classmates in the hope that someone may recognise themselves.

Anne Humphreys VanDalinda now lives in Georgia, America, but grew up in Suffolk in the 1940s and 50s.

“This was in the days of outside toilets!” she said. “I have many pleasant memories of Holbrook, I attended Holbrook Primary School and lived at the Royal Hospital School, I would walk or bike to and from school.

“I remember that the girls learned how to knit a dishcloth In Miss Doughty’s class. It seems that education has come a long way since then.”

The only school photo she still has was taken in either 1954 or 55 when she was around 10 years old.

“It was taken when students in Miss Nunn’s class each wrote an essay about road safety. The five best essays were chosen and those children were treated to a ride in a police car.

“In the picture I know that Deanna Catling is on the far right. I think the girl next to her was named Carol, but not sure. Then me. Then Michael Ellison or Elliston and far left is Gillian and I think her last name was Slack.My surname back then was Humphreys.”

Are you in the photo? Or do you recognise your mum or dad? Share your memories below or via email

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