Recipe: Make our chocolate tiffin crown

Afternoon Tea for the Queens Platinum jubilee PICTURE: CHARLOTTE BOND

Charlotte's chocolate tiffin crown - Credit: Charlotte Bond

I have love love loved tiffin since my mum first brought some home from a WI sale when I was a little girl. Back then, they seemed a mystical creation. Something tantalisingly new, and different from the usual iced buns and Victoria sandwich. Somewhere along the way they’ve morphed to become rocky road, but I find that much too sweet. I prefer the simplicity of the old-fashioned variety- a favourite of the Queen's. I moulded mine in a bundt tin, lining it with chocolate first, which is melted with a blowtorch to help release it. You could be less of a sadist and use a silicone mould. Or spoon yours into a lined 1lb loaf tin. 


320g digestive biscuits crushed to crumbs 

120g unsalted butter 

8tbsps golden syrup 

300g dark chocolate 

Large pinch salt 

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15 glace cherries, chopped 

50g dark chocolate melted to coat tin - optional 

150g melted milk chocolate to coat 

Decorations – whatever you like 


Melt the 50g dark chocolate and brush inside an 18cm bundt tin. To make life easier you could use a lined loaf tin instead and skip this step! 

Melt the 300g dark chocolate, syrup and butter in a pan. Stir in the biscuits, cherries and salt. Spoon into your tin. 

Allow to set completely. 

To turn out (if using the bundt tin) heat the sides and centre of the tin with a small kitchen blowtorch and use a knife to loosen the centre and sides gently. Tap onto a surface to release. 

Spoon over the melted milk chocolate and decorate. I used gilded almonds and golden edible balls. 

Slice to serve. 

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