Revealed: The most popular dishes at Ipswich restaurants in 2021

Bistro on the Quay's Julien Jourdain with cheese raclette served at the Ipswich Waterfront restaurant

Bistro on the Quay's Julien Jourdain with cheese raclette served at the Ipswich Waterfront restaurant - Credit: Ella Wilkinson

Some of Ipswich's most popular restaurants have revealed what their customers' favourite dishes have been to order throughout 2021.

The Forge Kitchen

Favourite dish: Smoked brisket

The Forge Kitchen in Duke Street, Ipswich. Picture: DAVID VINCENT

The Forge Kitchen near Ipswich Waterfront - Credit: Archant

The Forge Kitchen, near Ipswich Waterfront, is well known for its meat dishes — so it's no surprise smoked brisket is among the diners' most-loved meals.

Owner Grant Owen said: "For us, the big thing is smoked brisket or anything else from the smoker.

"It's quite nice as there's a big menu to choose from. Since lockdown, we've also put a pizza oven in.

"Brisket and other smoked foods are more popular than they've ever been before. There's a bit of a science to the smoked stuff."

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Favourite dishes: Seafood skewers and beef wellington

The Mariners on the Ipswich Waterfront.

The Mariners on the Ipswich Waterfront. - Credit: Archant

Julien Jourdain, owner of the Mariners, was unable to choose which of his restaurant's meals were the most popular among customers.

He said: "Seafood is very theatrical and uses ingredients that are the finest on the market. You can only work with the best products.

"As soon as another table sees it, they want it.

"I've also been doing beef wellington for about 15 years now. We've got a very good reputation in Ipswich."

The Moloko

Favourite dish: Marinated chicken skewers

Zoe Cutting, owner of The Moloko cocktail bar and tapas restaurant on Lion Street in Ipswich. Pictur

Zoe Cutting, who manages The Moloko near Ipswich town centre - Credit: Danielle Booden

The Moloko, one of Ipswich's newest restaurants, is primarily a tapas bar that allows guests to choose between a wide range of smaller meals.

But manager Zoe Cutting revealed most people opt for the chicken skewers as part of their meal.

She said: "People choose all different things every time they come here.

"Most people go for the marinated chicken skewers. Our chefs have been working in overdrive preparing chicken this December."

Bistro on the Quay

Favourite dish: Cheese raclette

Bistro on the Quay overlooks Ipswich Waterfront

Bistro on the Quay overlooks Ipswich Waterfront - Credit: Charlotte Bond

Mr Jourdain also runs Bistro on the Quay, opposite Mariners on the Waterfront, and revealed its oozing cheese dish is among diners' favourite meals.

He said: "It is very unique — I don't think anyone else does it in East Anglia. It's very, very popular."

Waterfront Bistro

Favourite dish: Mushroom wellington

Waterfront Bar Bistro offers great views of Ipswich's marina

Waterfront Bistro is on the edge of the marina - Credit: Archant

Waterfront Bistro has changed its menu throughout the year, but the mushroom wellington was well-received when it was on offer.

Ashleigh Beardmore, who works at the eatery, said: "It was quite a wintry dish. The seabass has also been very popular this year."

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