Ipswich's famous Hot Sausage company brings out vegan sausage

Josh Bavington-Barber, the man behind the vegan hot sausage running the stand

Josh Bavington-Barber running the hot sausage stand near Ipswich Town Hall - Credit: Timothy Bradford

Ipswich's famous Hot Sausage Company has finally brought out their long-anticipated vegan sausage. 

Owner Andrew Bavington-Barber's son Josh was the driving force behind the new menu item which was served up for the first time on Monday in Ipswich.

The vegan sausage will be coming to its Colchester stand within the week.

Andrew Bavington-Barber, the man behind the Hot Sausage Company, said: "The vegan sausage is something we've been looking at for a while, in response to increased interest. 

"There's been a cultural shift towards vegan food, it is much more prevalent than it has been before. Our customers have been asking for it for a long while.

"My son Josh has been the driving force behind this as he is a vegetarian himself— Now he can finally indulge in his own product," he laughed. 

Andrew Babington-Barber from the Hot Sausage Co is celebrating three decades on the Cornhill in Ipsw

Andrew Babington-Barber has been selling hot suasages in Ipswich for more than 30 years - Credit: Archant

Mr Bavington-Barber continued: "We wanted to do this, but we wanted to get it right.

"Finding a vegan sausage that is suitable for our business, especially one that is commercially available, has been difficult, and then we had to work out how to cook them, which isn't straightforward.

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"We cook them in a special pan on the griddle- we tried out pans that didn't work, they have to be square, and conduct heat properly. 

"The sausages themselves are really nice" he added. "Cumberland flavoured with lots of pepper— they don't lose their shape either. They cook big and stay big.

"They've done well over the first few days too, and we had good feedback— we won't be selling more of them than the meaty ones though."

The vegan sausage costs and weighs about the same as the large sausage

The vegan sausage costs and weighs about the same as the large sausage - Credit: Timothy Bradford

He added: "They're a lot more expensive for us to buy, but we don't mind. This is why they're the same price as the large meaty ones."

The Hot Sausage Company has also introduced a vegan cheese and separately cooked vegan-friendly crispy onions.

Mr Bavington-Barber said: "People like a cheese that melts, and we chose one specifically for that. 

"It is really nice being able to cater for a whole new stream of customers. We've got nothing to lose selling them- any vegan who buys from us is already extra trade."