Recipe: Make our Bellini cocktail jelly

Charlotte's peach Bellini jelly

Charlotte's peach Bellini jelly - Credit: Charlotte Smith-Jarvis

Jelly on a plate, jelly on a plate, wibble wobble wibble wobble, jelly on a plate. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. 

It’s all gone a bit retro in our kitchen of late. My kids insisted I buy Angel Delight last week (no, it didn’t taste the same as when I was younger). I made my first trifle in donkey’s years for the Jubilee. And last weekend we also had this jelly. 

Like the oft-neglected trifle, jelly’s something you don’t tend to see much of these days. I remember well the whoops of joy at parties when I was a nipper, as jelly and ice cream were dosed out messily into paper bowls after a feast of cheese and pineapple on sticks, warm ham sandwiches, crisps and biscuits. 

This combination had everything. Tooth-aching sweetness. A fun, trembling texture unlike anything else. The play factor (I’m sure my brother and his mates used it as a kind of slime). Oh, and it was packed with E-numbers that jacked you up and kept you dancing in your best frock until your parents turned up and transferred you, still jiggling from the burst of energy, wearily into the car. 

Those were the days. 

In the school holidays my brother and I would go to something called Playscheme, where some of my formative foodie memories were made. There was always bread to be conjured from flour and water (never any yeast). At the time we thought it tasted wonderful. 

But the best thing ever was making Turkish Delight – in the loosest sense of the word. It was literally just raw strawberry jelly, cut into cubes, and tossed in icing sugar. When you got make that, was like winning the lottery.  

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My jelly this week is rather more grown up and boozy. It’s a take on a Bellini cocktail and is scrummy. You could switch out the fizz for a bottle of Shloer or equivalent if you don’t drink, or are serving children. Otherwise it’s an easy, chuck-it-all-together summer pud. All you need to factor in is setting time.  

Go get your wobble on! 

Peach Bellini jelly 

(Serves 10-12) 


1 standard sized tin sliced peaches in juice 

2tbsps elderflower cordial 

1 bottle fizz, 750ml- I used prosecco 

Sugar to taste 

2 packs leaf gelatine 

A 2.5lt jelly mould 


Place the peaches and their juice in a blender or food processor with the elderflower cordial. Blitz to a smooth puree and pass through a sieve. Weigh it out.  

For every 100ml of liquid soak count one gelatine leaf. Soak as many as are needed in cold water for 10 minutes. 

Bring the peach liquid to the boil in a pan, then turn right down to below a simmer. Squeeze out the gelatine and add. Stir to dissolve completely. 

Pour into your jelly mould. Cool, then set in the fridge.  

Soak 7.5 gelatine leaves in cold water for 10 minutes. Pour the fizz into a pan and add sugar to taste. Don’t forget, cold affects sweetness so err on the sweeter side. Bring to a simmer, squeeze out the gelatine leaves, add, stir and dissolve. Allow to cool completely. 

Pour over the base layer of jelly and leave to set for at least six hours or overnight. 

Release from the mould when you’re ready to serve. My little trick is to fill a small water bottle half with boiled water and to hold it for a few seconds, all around the side of the mould (once it’s been inverted on a plate). 

Serve with dollops of vanilla ice cream if you like.