Gallery: Do you remember when Led Zeppelin came to Ipswich in 1971? Signed poster advertising gig goes under the hammer

Vic Kemp owns a rare recording of a Led Zeppelin gig in Ipswich in 1971.

Vic Kemp owns a rare recording of a Led Zeppelin gig in Ipswich in 1971.

It cost only £1 to see Led Zeppelin perform live in Ipswich, but now forty three years later a rare signed poster from that historic show is set to fetch around £3,000 at an auction.

The 20 x 30in poster is emblazoned with the words “Baths Hall Ipswich – Internationally Famous Led Zeppelin”.

It is now expected to sell for between £2,500 and £3,500 at Bonhams in London on Wednesday, December 10.

The poster is particularly valuable because it is signed by three members of the band: Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones.

But it would have been even more valuable if tragic Led Zeppelin drummer, John Bonham, had also signed the poster, but according to auctioneers Bonhams he “could not be found following the concert as it was suspected he had left with a groupie”.

Led Zeppelin played live at St Matthew’s Baths Hall, in St Matthew’s Street, Ipswich, on November 16, 1971, and nearly half a century later that show remains one of the most discussed musical events in Ipswich history. Mementoes from the event are much sought after and valuable.

Unfortunately, there is no official recording of the concert, but four years ago the Ipswich Star, the EADT’s sister paper, revealed how, at a car boot sale at Portman Road, Ipswich, Suffolk rock fan Vic Kemp stumbled across a CD recording of the whole show.

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Mr Kemp said at the time: “I was going through a stand of CDs at the car boot at Portman Road and the guy who was selling them said ‘you might be interested in this’.

“The CD must have been recorded by someone standing at the front with a microphone. You can hear Robert Plant talking to the audience quite clearly.

“I was too young to go to the gig, but Led Zeppelin were massive at the time and all the big ones are on there like Immigrant Song, Whole Lotta Love, Stairway To Heaven, Rock & Roll and Black Dog.”

Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham was only 32 when he died on September 25,1980.

At the coroner’s inquest it was revealed that, before he died, Bonham had drunk forty shots of 40% vodka.

Robert Plant and Jimmy Page – who, with Bonham and John Paul Jones, played live in Ipswich – are now said to be two of Britain’s richest men, each worth an estimated £100 million.

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