Everything you need to know about inflatable Waterfront sculpture

The Albesila Luminarium sculpture on Ipswich Waterfront during the SPILL festival 

The Albesila Luminarium sculpture on Ipswich Waterfront during the SPILL festival - Credit: Archant

Is it a spaceship? Circus? Or a giant bouncy castle? One addition to this year’s SPILL Festival in Ipswich certainly has people talking.  

The inflatable Albesila Luminarium arrived on the Waterfront outside Cult Café earlier this week and has been causing a stir ever since with families patiently waiting to get a glimpse inside.  

Describing the Luminarium, one of its managers Shanti Freed said: “it is an inflatable sculpture of light, colour and air" adding that the handmade sculpture is a “unique and beautiful structure”. 

The Luminarium was originally meant to come to the SPILL festival in 2020 – but the visit was put back a year due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Ms Freed said: "I am a big fan of SPILL Festival, for the company (Architects of Air) it is really is the perfect festival and it is really exciting to be here,” adding that Ipswich Waterfront is a “lovely location". 

Who can visit? 

The team behind the luminarium, Architects of Air, have taken their sculptures all over the world and say they are open to all ages.  

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A day-old baby and a 101-year-old once both visited one of their sculptures on the same day! 

What are the rules? 

Though some children may think the Albesila looks like a bouncy castle, families are encouraged to enjoy the space calmly with no running or jumping allowed.  

Visitors are asked to wear a face mask and there is plenty of space to keep a comfortable distance from others.  

Is the luminarium wheelchair accessible?  

Yes, it is, the Architects of Air want it be an accessible space for all and have said it is great for those with sensory needs. 

Do you need to book?  

Yes, the luminarium closed due to high winds on Wednesday, meaning slots may go quickly as people try and rebook their missed sessions. 

Visitors can ‘pay what they choose’ for a ticket, which are available on the SPILL website or by visiting the Town Hall.  

How long should I visit for?  

You should aim to get to sculpture 15-20 minutes before your allocated timeslot and most visitors spend around 30 minutes inside.  

How long does it take to inflate?  

You might not believe it but it only takes 20 minutes – it will be deflated each evening it is in Ipswich.  

You can find out more about SPILL by visiting - www.spillfestival.com

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